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Kenmore 1162335090 Motor
Kenmore Canister Power Switch
Kenmore Power Nozzle Elbow with Swivel
Kenmore Geared Power Nozzle Motor
Kenmore Canister Whispertone Cordwinder
Kenmore Progressive Cordwinder
Kenmore Power Nozzle Wheels
Kenmore Progressive Power Nozzle 3" Rear Wheel
Kenmore Hose Unit
Kenmore Power Nozzle Release Lever
Kenmore Progressive Power Nozzle Base
Kenmore Power Mate Cord
Kenmore Canister 116.29319215
Kenmore hose harness AC3765TZV06
Kenmore Powermate Cord  AC67VBAKZV06
Kenmore 116.25512506 Canister Motor
Kenmore Canister Vacuum Motor for 116.29219800
Kenmore Progressive Motor
Displaying 1 to 18 (of 18 products) Result Pages: 1
Has the motor on your Kenmore Progressive canister vacuum suddenly stopped working?  Has the power nozzle quit running even though there's electricity going to it? Are you frustrated by checking all over the internet only to find the wrong components or inflated prices? Wish those worries well as they leave because carries the parts to get your vacuum back in the game without breaking the bank.  Maybe you need to replace a wheel or both wheels on the canister. Or maybe the power nozzle wheels wobbles oddly and you think you should change it out.  Regardless of what you need, can help with your Do It Yourself project.