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Electrolux Central Vacuum Hose
Electrolux Wire Reinforced Central Vacuum Hose
Electrolux Superlux Central Vacuum Hose
Electrolux Quiet Clean Central Vacuum Hose
Electrolux Central Vacuum Hose with button lock
Electrolux Crushproof Central Vacuum hose
Electrolux 30FT Standard Crushproof Hose
Electrolux 50FT Standard Crushproof Central Vacuum Hose
Electrolux Central Vacuum Hose Generic
Electrolux Standard Central Vac Hose
Standard Central Vac Hose
Central Vacuum Hose Hugger
Electrolux CS3000 Hose Handle Assembly
Plastic Central Vacuum Hose Hanger
Square Plastic Central Vacuum Hose Hanger
Electrolux Hose Hanger
Displaying 1 to 16 (of 16 products) Result Pages: 1
We have both standard and electric hoses for your Electrolux central vacuum cleaner.  A standard hose does not have the ability to operate a power nozzle, it is only designed for hardwood floors, scatter rugs, and cleaning attachments.  An electric hose is designed for operating a motorized power nozzle, as well as all of the sames features of a standard hose.  Electric hoses can come in two versions, direct connect and pig-tail.  The direct connect is designed for Supervalves which has the high voltage electric wired directly into the inlet.  The pig-tail cord is designed for standard inlets that do not have the high voltage wired into the valve.  The way the pig-tail corded hose works is, you plug the hose into the wall and then plug the pig-tail cord into a near by outlet, to get power to the power nozzle.  

Electrolux central vacuum hoses come in both genuine and generic styles, so you will need to select the best option for you needs.  The genuine hose is better quality and will hold up longer, but the generic hose will work and do the job very similar to the genuine hose.  If you need help with selecting the right hose please call our customer service department at 866-972-8227

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