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Plastic Central Vacuum Fittings

Central Vacuum Plastic Fittings

We offer a large variety of different fittings, such as elbows, tees and miscellaneous inlet covers/trim. If you're currently trying to install a new central vacuum system, you'll want to keep a decent supply of various fittings on hand, so you'll be able to create any pathway you may need. If you need help picking the appropriate fittings or would like assistance ordering then please give us a call today. Also, take a look at our complete central vacuum fittings & pipe page and our complete central vacuum category, where you can find anything you might need concerning central vacuums.
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2 Inch Pipe Fire Stop
Price: $49.50
Central Vacuum Pipe Adapter
Price: $1.99
Central Vacuum Swap Out Kit
On Sale For:$24.99
Exhaust Muffler
Price: $9.99
NuTone CF328 Plaster Guard
Price: $2.58
NuTone CF329 Inlet Mounting Plate
Price: $6.18
NuTone CF361 Mounting Bracket
Price: $9.99
NuTone CF361F Mounting Bracket
Price: $14.99
NuTone CF362 90-degree Flanged Elbow
Price: $3.10
NuTone CF363 90-degree Flanged Elbow
Price: $4.64
NuTone CF364 Flanged Tee
Price: $4.64
NuTone CF365 Double-Flanged Tee
Price: $4.64
NuTone CF366 Straight Flange
Price: $2.58
Deluxe Exhaust Muffler
Price: $24.95
Sweep 90 Degree Elbow
On Sale For:$0.99
Sweep 90 Degree Tee
Price: $2.50
Stop Coupling
Price: $0.69
45 Degree Elbow
Price: $1.20
45 Degree Street Elbow
Price: $1.20
45 Degree Wye
Price: $2.50
Displaying 1 to 20 (of 35 products) Page:1 2  Next
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