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Each home has its own set of requirements that must be met in order to be considered "clean."  With any of the available Miele canister and upright vacuum cleaners, "clean" is not a term that should ever be accompanied with concern.  This brand of vacuum cleaner helps to erase any feeling of concern while cleaning, as it provides only the highest quality, German-made products.  In order to maintain the prowess of your machine, sometimes parts need to be replaced or repaired.  Vacuum parts like brush rolls, wands, power heads and more are available in order to help keep your Miele sweeper in peak operating condition.  

Receive assistance when cleaning any surface in your home by taking a look at the vast array of Miele attachment tools.  Crevice tools for extended reach and the simplified cleaning of hard to reach spots are available, just as dusting brushes to successfully remove irritating particles from your home without spreading them around are.  Various hardwood floor tools, such as the parkett twister floor tool are recommended to give your hard surface the highest level of cleaning it has ever received. Various other top notch attachments are available, including upholstery tools, mattress tools and turbo brushes that help to cover all the bases of cleaning.

The highest level of cleaning efficiency is found through the use of the Miele vacuum power heads.  There are numerous styles available, made specifically for different carpets as well as hard surfaces like tile and hardwood floors.  Carpets ranging from low to high pile are recommended to be cleaned with a motorized power head.  This style of nozzle helps to loosen dirt and other debris with the help of the spinning brushroll, thus successfully capturing everything you intend on capturing and more.  In some cases, like the ElectroPremium power head, these Miele vacuum parts have a five height adjustment, which helps to cater to the density of the carpet being cleaned.

In some cases your Miele power nozzle will need replacement parts in order for it to be kept like new.  The most common piece that needs replacement is the brush roll.  The brush roll, also known as the beater bar, is found inside of the nozzle and spins in order to successfully clean your floors. 

Also available are vacuum wands that are both electric and non-electric.  If your Miele canister vacuum uses a motorized power nozzle then an electric wand is required.  Conversely, if your machine does not use any electrically driven tools then a non-electric wand is the best option to consider.  The wands attach to the hose which can also be repaired with various available parts.  Questions concerning specific Miele vacuum parts and their compatibility can be answered by calling eVacuumStore at 866-972-8227.