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20 Inch Wide Floor Brush
Car Nozzle Tool
Ceiling Fan Brush
Hardwood Floor Dust Mop
Hardwood Floor Dust Mop
Kenmore Surpentine Brush Assembly
Mini Attachments for all Vacuums
Panasonic Brush Assembly MCV120
Panasonic Brush Assembly MC225
Panasonic Brush Assembly MCV5009
Panasonic Brush Assembly MCV5037
Panasonic Brush Assembly MC-V5475
Panasonic Brush Assembly MCV6210
Panasonic Brush Assembly MCV6250
Panasonic Brush Assembly MCV6602
Panasonic Brush Assembly MCV9901
Panasonic Crevice Tool
Panasonic Dust Brush
Panasonic Floor Brush
Panasonic Lower Wand for the MC CG 973
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If one had to guess, he or she would say you're pretty pleased with your Panasonic vacuum cleaner.  Why not?  You purcahsed a top of the line machine for well under "top of the line" prices.  Whenever you find you need to make minor updates or replacements to your Panasonic canister vacuum, visit to find replacement brush rolls, parts, accessories, and attachments to renew your vacuum or upgrade it.  Don't let losse brush roll bristles allow dirt to remain hidden in your carpet fibers; strike them out with a new brush spinning at high RPM.