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Cyber Monday 2015 Deals

Cyber Monday Vacuum Deals 

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Cyber Monday 2015

This year, Cyber Monday is on November 30, 2015 and will mark the first day of Cyber Week 2015.  This one day sale at eVacuumStore will help you to save on vacuum cleaners from brands like Electrolux, SEBO and more.  The Cyber Monday vacuum deals will cover upright, canister and central vacuum systems from numerous brands, as well as the bags and other replacement parts used to maintain these machines.  Since this sale is only one day out of the holiday season, make sure to take advantage of the Cyber Monday deals while you can!  If you have any questions about specific products, or the 30 day risk free trials offered for both SEBO and Electrolux vacuums, please contact our customer service or sales departments at 1-866-972-8227.

What is Cyber Monday?

Cyber Monday is the biggest online shopping day of the year.  It is the one time of the year where you are guaranteed to find the best deals on most products, including vacuum cleaners, all over the internet.  This online holiday occurs the Monday after Thanksgiving Day in the U.S. and is the internet’s equivalent to Black Friday.  For the best prices on online purchases intended for the Holidays, Cyber Monday is the day to shop.

Thanksgiving is a day where families congregate and share good food and better times with one another in the spirit of the season.  It’s not uncommon for family members to share their ideas for purchases they plan to make for the proceeding Holidays.  The following Monday, when the week begins again, it is a common trend for individuals to make their purchases while working which is what leads to the explosion in sales.  These noticeable increases in sales eventually lead to the establishment of the term Cyber Monday and even Cyber Week. 

Cyber Monday Sales

Cyber Monday has quickly become the most popular online shopping day since the term was coined in 2005.  Similar to the amazing sales that a customer finds on Black Friday, online retailers have begun to follow suit; it is the online response to Black Friday.  The deepest discounts of the year are offered across the internet on this day, including at eVacuumStore, where our holiday vacuum savings are unmatched.  We have some of the best deals on vacuum cleaners as well as parts, accessories, filters, hoses and vacuum bags.  Our goal is to help you find all of your vacuum cleaner related needs at an affordable price to keep you in tune with your holiday budget.  Make sure to pay attention to what eVacuumStore has planned for Cyber Monday vacuum promotions as the year presses on!

What is Cyber Week?

Perhaps the best discounts of the year are found online during the week following Thanksgiving in the U.S.  The Monday proceeding Thanksgiving is known commonly as Cyber Monday, which marks the beginning of the increasingly popular, Cyber week.  While the majority of the blowout sales are found on Cyber Monday, the savings tend to bleed into the days that follow.  Cyber week deals are becoming more and more commonplace for internet retailers in an attempt to offer the lowest prices to consumers in the weeks leading up to the holidays.  Keep a watchful eye on how eVacuumStore plans to save you money with help from the Cyber Week vacuum deals and other promotions as the holidays creep closer and closer.


What is Green Monday?

Similar to Cyber Monday, Green Monday also refers to one of the most popular online shopping days of the year.  This particular day of the year tends to be the second Monday in December, but is more specifically known as the Monday with at least ten days left for Holiday shoppers to complete their lists before Christmas.  Keeping in mind the time it takes to ship the products purchased, Green Monday is one of the last opportunities to place an order within a reasonable shipping window and receive the products before Christmas day. Green Monday deals have become a common theme among online retailers in hopes of providing their customers with the best savings as possible as the Holiday shopping season comes to a close.  Keep a watchful eye on the sales eVacuumStore has planned for this popular online shopping day and bask in the savings!

Small Business Saturday

What is Small Business Saturday you might ask?  Small Business Saturday is a shopping holiday initiated by American Express.  The idea gained much notoriety due to the large press and social media coverage that it received upon its creation in 2010.  This day of shopping promotes the idea of providing small businesses with holiday traffic and is considered to be most commonly celebrated the day after Black Friday.  Although this day of small business recognition is primarily considered to correspond with Black Friday and Cyber Monday, it continues year round by means of social media.