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J.E. Adams Car Wash Vacuum Model 9235 and 9235LD
J.E. Adams 9225 2-Motor Commercial Vacuum
D&S 2 Motor Commercial Vacuum
J.E. Adams 9225-2 2-Motor Wall Mounted Commercial Vacuum
J.E. Adams 9200 Car Wash Vacuum with Coin Acceptor
J.E Adams 9235-3 Car Wash Vacuum with 3 Motors
J.E. Adams 9210 2-Motor Commercial Super Vac with Coin Acceptor
J.E. Adams 9230 2-Motor Super Vac w/ Medeco Lock System
J.E. Adams 9220 Super Vac w/ Medeco Cam and Threaded Locks
J.E Adams 3-Motor 9213 Car Wash Super Vacuum with Coin Acceptor
J.E Adams 9240 and 9250 Commercial Super Vac w/ American 2000 Lock System
J.E. Adams 9230-3 Commercial Vacuum w/ 3 Motors and Medeco Locks
J.E. Adams 9235-3DH 3 Motor Commercial Vacuum with Dual Hoses
D&S 3 Motor Power Round Vac with Lighted Dome, Digital Display, Coin & Bill Acceptor
D&S 3 Motor Mighty Vac with Lighted Dome & Coin Acceptor
J.E. Adams 9209LD SuperVac Car Wash Vacuum
J.E. Adams Super Vac 9209 Car Wash Vacuum W/ Bill Validator
J.E. Adams 9200-4 2-Motor Car Wash Vacuum w/ Digital Display
J.E. Adams 9209-6 3 Motor Commercial Vacuum W/ Coin and Bill Acceptor
J.E. Adans 9200-5 Car Wash Super Vac w/ 3 Motors and Digital Display
Displaying 1 to 20 (of 64 products) Page:1 2 3 4  Next

Industrial Car Vacuum Cleaners

Are you looking to add an industrial vacuum outside of your car wash or gas station?  Well look no further than eVacuumStore.  On our site you will find the best selection of car wash vacuums from J.E. Adams to help your customers service all of their cleaning needs with suction power that they can’t get from a conventional household carpet sweeper.  With the capability of easily taking care of cars, trucks and any other type of automobile, this powerful style of vacuum cleaner pays for itself in no time.  With built-in bill acceptors, customers will flock to your business knowing they can get a top of the line car cleaning detail at a reasonable price. is also one of the few online retailers that carry D&S Car Wash vacuums. D&S offers a wide variety of different models. So regardless of your specific needs, they are sure to offer a model that's a good match for your particular situation. D&S offers a variety of different models; the main distinguishing features are how many motors each unit houses, the shape of the commercial vacuum and what type of payment they accept. So whether you end up deciding on a J.E. Adams or a D&S car wash, you can be sure that you'll find the professional car vacuum cleaner right for you and your business at eVacuumStore where our customer service team is waiting to take your call.  Contact us by calling 866-972-8227.