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Electrolux Canister Vacuum BagsElectrolux Canister Vacuum Bags Electrolux Metal Canister Vacuum Bags (STYLE C)Electrolux Metal Canister Vacuum Bags (STYLE C) Electrolux Upright Vacuum Bags STYLE-UElectrolux Upright Vacuum Bags STYLE-U Renaissance and Guardian Vacuum Bags (STYLE R)Renaissance and Guardian Vacuum Bags (STYLE R)
Electrolux Oxygen/Harmony Vacuum Bags STYLE-SElectrolux Oxygen/Harmony Vacuum Bags STYLE-S Electrolux Intensity Vacuum BagsElectrolux Intensity Vacuum Bags Electrolux Aptitude & Oxygen Upright Vacuum BagsElectrolux Aptitude & Oxygen Upright Vacuum Bags Electrolux Duralux & Duralite Vacuum BagsElectrolux Duralux & Duralite Vacuum Bags
Electrolux Luxlite BagsElectrolux Luxlite Bags Electrolux UltraSilencer BagsElectrolux UltraSilencer Bags Electrolux Jetmaxx BagsElectrolux Jetmaxx Bags Electrolux ErgoSpace Vacuum BagsElectrolux ErgoSpace Vacuum Bags
Electrolux Maximus Vacuum BagsElectrolux Maximus Vacuum Bags Electrolux Central Vacuum BagsElectrolux Central Vacuum Bags    
Genuine Electrolux vacuum bags give you a high filtration level and smart, convenient design that provides less hassle for a happier, cleaner house. There are now may different types of Electrolux vacuum cleaner bags. We sell both genuine and generic Electrolux vacuum bags.   

If you purchased your vacuum cleaner from a door to door salesman or in the Electrolux store, than there are three styles of Electrolux bags.  Style C bags fits all Electrolux canisters vacuum cleaners from 1952 to 2008 except Oxygen, Guardian, and Renaissance models.  Style U bags fits all Electrolux upright vacuum cleaners that are not red colored.  Style R Electrolux vacuum bags fit EPIC 8000, 9000 and Renaissance models. 

If you purchased you Electrolux vacuum cleaner in a department store after 2003 such as the Electrolux oxygen then you will most likely use style S Electrolux vacuum cleaner bags.  There are a few different types of S bags, Electrolux makes the S-bag Classic which is the basic bag, and the S-bag Clinic which is the anti- allergen bag.  There is also a S-bag Anti-Oder which is designed to fight pet odors.

Please contact our customer service department at 866-972-8227 if you have any questions with selecting the right Electrolux vacuum cleaner bags for your vacuum cleaner.