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Oreck Cloth Bags

The Various Styles of Oreck Cloth Bags

It's said that the backbone of any great jazz ensemble is the rhythm section.  In similar fashion the backbone of every great Oreck vacuum cleaner are the Oreck cloth bags found right here at eVacuumStore.  Oreck cloth bags are the outer bags found on upright vacuums offered by this brand.  The purpose of these high quality products  is to house disposable bags or to act as a reusable, shake-out bag.  With help from the various Oreck cloth bags, meant to fit the numerous Oreck vacuum models available for both residential and commercial use, dust is picked up and secured in place, keeping air quality at a maximum level.  If you have any questions pertaining to which of the Oreck cloth bags are compatible with your commercial upright vacuum, make sure to get in touch with our customer service team at 866-972-8227.
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Oreck Hypo-Allergenic Cloth Gray Bag
Oreck Outer Cloth Bag Replacement
Oreck Cloth Bags
Oreck Top Fill HEPA Outer Cloth Bag
Oreck Twill Bag Assembly
Oreck XL21 Outer Vacuum Cleaner Bag
Oreck XL3700 Hypo Allergenic Cloth Bag
Oreck XL7 Outer Cloth Bag
Generic Oreck Upright Vacuum Hypo-Allergenic Cloth Bag
Oreck Dual Stack Outer Cloth Bag
Oreck Standard Cloth Vacuum Bag
Oreck XL2000HH Vacuum Cleaner Cloth Bag
Displaying 1 to 12 (of 12 products) Result Pages: 1
Oreck Cloth Bags