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Dyson DC65, DC66 Cleaner Head Components

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Click Here for DC65 and DC66 Cleaner Head Schematic

Get your DC65 or DC66's Cleaner Head Back in the Game

What really does the dirty work when it comes to cleaning your carpets or your rugs? Sure, the lower duct boasts the motor and the cyclone works in tandem to create the suction, but deep down in the carpet, at the very base of the fibers is where the cleaner head takes control of the situation and gets dirt up and out. The cleaner head floats across the floors while the agitator rapidly rotates to strike debris out from the fibers of your carpeting. Over time (as this piece of the vacuum faces the true struggle of cleaning) the power head can break down. When you run into any problems with the power head, call the knowledgeable experts to help guide you towards the proper parts to get your DC65 or DC66 up and running to get the dust out of the floors. If you need help finding any other Dyson upright vacuum parts, don't hesitate to call us.

Dyson Vacuum Cleaner DC65/66 Cleaner Head Schematic
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Dyson DC41, DC65 C-Clamp
Price: $4.99
Dyson DC65, DC66 Brushbar Motor Housing
Price: $63.99
Dyson DC65, DC66 Cleaner Head
Price: $95.99
Dyson DC65, DC66 Sole Plate Axle
Price: $4.95
Dyson DC18 Iron Soleplate Wheel
Price: $4.99
Dyson Soleplate Wheel 914892-01
Price: $4.99
Dyson DC18 Axle
Price: $4.99
Dyson DC65, DC66 Soleplate Assembly
Price: $22.99
Displaying 1 to 8 (of 8 products) Result Pages: 1
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