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We Offer a Variety of Electrolux Vacuum Hoses

We have a large selection of Electrolux vacuum cleaner hoses for all Electrolux vacuum cleaner models. Whether you have a canister, upright, or central vacuum cleaner, we have the Electrolux vacuum cleaner hose for you. Every Electrolux hose is specific to the model of your vacuum cleaner. You can find the model of you canister Electrolux vacuum cleaner inside the bag door or on the bottom of the vacuum cleaner. For finding the model of your upright vacuum cleaner, you will need to look in the bag door, or on the back or bottom of the vacuum cleaner. Central vacuum model numbers are typically located on the power unit. After you locate your model number, now you will be able to find the right Electrolux vacuum cleaner hose the first time. If you need help with finding your model number or locating the correct Electrolux vacuum hose please contact our customer service department.

All Electrolux canister vacuum cleaners are either made out of plastic or metal. Over the years the hose end has changed to go along with the transformation from metal canisters to plastic canisters. The Electrolux metal canister hose end is made of metal. The Electrolux plastic canister hose has a plastic end.

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