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Hoover Celebrity Electric Hose
Hoover Celebrity Non-Electric Hose
Hoover Futura Electric hose
Hoover Port A Power Hose Replacement 6 Feet
Hoover Spirit Non Electric Hose
Hoover Windtunnle Hose
Standard Central Vac Hose
Central Vacuum Hose Hugger
Hoover Mach Attachment Hose
Hoover Upright U5117900 - Hose Connector
Hoover Futura Non Electric Hose
Displaying 1 to 11 (of 11 products) Result Pages: 1

Hoover Vacuum Hoses

Order a new vacuum hose for your Hoover vacuum for a great price from today. We carry a pretty wide variety of hoses, both electric and non-electric. Identify the model number of your vacuum, or the part number of the hose you need before placing an order. If you own a model with a powerhead, you'll need an electric hose to use it. The Hoover Celebrity vacuum may use either an electric or non-electric, so make sure to determine which one you need prior to ordering. For more information, or assistance, please give us a call to speak to a sales representative.