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Dyson DC59 DC62 Nickel/Purple Cyclone Service Assembly This cyclone is Nickel and Purple in color and is works with the Dyson DC 59 and DC62. It is also compatible with DC58 DC61, DC59 DC62 SV03.
Dyson Cordless Vacuum Mini Motorhead Brushbar Assembly This brushbar attaches to the mini motorhead for the Dyson DC44 stick vacuum. It spins, allowing dust and debris to be collected easily. This product is also compatible with DC44, DC58,DC61, DC59 Motorhead,DC72, DC59,DC62,SV03
Miele SBD350-3 FiberTeQ Classic Combination Floor Tool The Miele SBD350-3 FiberTeQ Classic Combination Floor Tool is the perfect tool for hard surface and low-pile carpet cleaning. With the push of a button this tool moves quickly from cleaning carpets to hard surfaces.

This attachment fits all Miele canister and is the standard tool on the Miele Olympus S2120 Canister Vacuum.

Genuine Miele part, made in Germany.
Bissell 10-quart Backpack Advanced Filter Bag - 6 pack The Bissell 10-quart backpack advanced filter bags trap 99.97% of the dust. Fits all 10-quart vacuums.
Bissell 6-quart Backpack Advanced Filter Bag - 6 pack The Bissell Advanced Filter Backpack bags offer the best filtration for your commercial backpack vacuum. Filtering 99.97% of the dust these bags do not allow dust to escape the vacuum. These bags fit all 6 quart backpack vacuums.