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Electrolux Electrostatic Canister After Filter 2 Pack

Electrolux Electrostatic Canister After Filter 2 Pack Generic
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Model: [C141A, C141F, C152F, C101A, C101G, C101H, C101J, C101L, C151D, C151G, C141B, C141D, C151B, 1623, 2100, 90, 1677, 2000, 6000, C102A, C102D, C102G, C102J, C153C, C153D, C101K, C141C, C141E, C141G, C152C, C102K, C153A, 6500, 6500SR]

Electrolux Canister After Filter

To maintain the peak performance the after filter should be changed after using 6 Bags. It fits under the rear cover on the top rear of the machine. Fits all canisters except 8000, 9000, Guardian, Renaissance.

2 Pack

Customers Questions and Answers
Question:Will these after filters fit an old Lux 7000 ? - Dawn (09/29/2015)
Answer:Yes, these filters fit the Lux 7000.
Question:Does the 1521 model use these filters? Someone gave us our vacuum, and if it has this filter, it has never been replaced since I got it. - (05/02/2015)
Answer:Electrolux model 1521 does not use filters.
Question:Will this filter fit an Aerus Electrolux model LWC5500. This vacuum is nearly 15 yrs old and was sold to us by a door to door salesman. Do you know if we can even get parts for and LWC5500? We need it repaired. THANKS - (03/24/2015)
Answer:This filter will fit model LWC5500 and we do have all the repair parts for this machine.
Question:Thanks for the quick response. Do you know of any vacuum repair shops in the Chicago area that will repair a LWC5500? I talked to one Electrolux authorized dealer and he said since the our vacuum was sold by a door to door salesman he couldn't repair it. It runs but sounds very very loud like the motor is going to blow up! THANKS - (03/24/2015)
Answer:Sorry but we do not have any repair centers in the Chicago area but here is a helpful article to help you open the canister: The problem may be the motor if the machine sounds loud.
Question:How about models 1401 and 1205? - (02/22/2015)
Answer:This filter will not work with Electrolux models 1401 and 1205.
Question:I have an ancient plastic Electrolux canister model #1453. It still works great!. According to your description this filter would fit any model except the 8000, 9000, Guardian and Renaissance. But they do not seem to fit the 1453 either. Am I missing something? The opening in the filter is slightly larger than the opening in the top rear of the vacuum canister. - (02/07/2015)
Answer:Unfortunate this filter is not compatible with model 1453. That is one model that needs to be added to the exclusion list.
Question:Where can I find the six pack of the legacy filters. Also, is there a electrolux store in the flint michigan area? - (01/26/2015)
Answer:Sorry but we are just online and we do not have any local stores in your area. You can find the 6 pack of filters on this link:
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