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GE Vacuum Cleaner Bags

At one point or another you've most likely heard the old maxim, "a bag every other week keeps performance at it's peak."  What this wise, old saying of course refers to is the regular changing of vacuum cleaner bags.  GE vacuum cleaners are no exception to this, as staying on top of vacuum bag maintenance makes all the difference in the world in terms of allergen reduction.  By simply abiding by one of the wisest sayings, and making sure your GE vacuum has fresh vacuum cleaner bags, those that suffer from asthma and allergies are sure to notice a considerable difference.  Contact eVacuumStore directly for information regarding the GE vacuum bags by calling 866-972-8227!
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GE Style CN-1 - 3 Pack
On Sale For:$4.99
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GE Style GE-1 -3 Pack
On Sale For:$6.97
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