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Central Vacuum System Motors

There may eventually come a time when your central vacuum system is in need of a new motor. Luckily, we have the widest selection available to assist in the replacing of your outdated or unusable one. With Ametek Lamb, as well as other brand-specific central vacuum motor replacement assemblies, we are sure to have the correct one for the make and model of your machine. Replacing the central vacuum motor on your power unit is not too difficult of a task and can be managed by almost anybody. For technical support or any further questions regarding central vacuum systems or central vacuum motors, make sure to contact the customer service department at eVacuumStore by calling 866-972-8227.

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Ametek Lamb #115330 Central Vacum Motor
SKU: CV-115330
On Sale For:$249.95
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Ametek Lamb 116354 Central Vacuum Motor
SKU: CV-116354
On Sale For:$149.99
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Ametek Lamb 117549-12 Central Vacuum Motor
SKU: CV-117549-12
On Sale For:$174.99
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Ametek Lamb 119678-07 Central Vacuum Motor
SKU: BEAM-140415
On Sale For:$124.00
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Ametek Lamb 119708 Central Vacuum Motor
SKU: BEAM-140411
On Sale For:$113.00
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Ametek Lamb Central Vacuum Motor 116336
SKU: CV-116336-01
On Sale For:$99.99
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Ametek Lamb Central Vacuum Motor 116763
SKU: CV-116763-13
On Sale For:$162.00
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Ametek Lamb Central Vacuum Motor 116765-00
On Sale For:$94.95
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Ametek Lamb Central Vacuum Motor 117465
SKU: CV-117465-00
On Sale For:$224.99
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Ametek Lamb Central Vacuum Motor 117507
SKU: CV-117507-13
On Sale For:$224.99
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Ametek Lamb Central Vacuum Motor 122031-12
SKU: LUX-140432
On Sale For:$229.99
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Ametek Lamb Motor 115923
SKU: CV-115923
On Sale For:$84.49
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AMETEK Lamb Motor 116119-00
SKU: CV-116119-00
On Sale For:$222.50
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Ametek Lamb Motor 116757-13
SKU: CV-116757-13
On Sale For:$99.99
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Ametek-Lamb 115519 Central Vacuum Motor
SKU: CV-115519
Price: $445.00
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Ametek-Lamb 115684 Central Vacuum Motor
SKU: CV-115684
Price: $236.99
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Ametek-Lamb 115744 Central Vacuum Motor
SKU: CV-115744
Price: $165.99
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Ametek-Lamb 115937 Central Vacuum Motor
SKU: CV-115937
Price: $349.99
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Ametek-Lamb 115963 Central Vacuum Motor
SKU: CV-115963
Price: $299.99
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Ametek-Lamb 116103 Central Vacuum Motor
SKU: CV-116103
Price: $393.98
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Ametek-Lamb 116110 Central Vacuum Motor
SKU: CV-116110
Price: $213.99
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Ametek-Lamb 116114 Central Vacuum Motor
SKU: CV-116114
Price: $139.99
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Ametek-Lamb 116207-00 Central Vacuum Motor
SKU: CV-116207
Price: $162.50
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Ametek-Lamb 116210-50 Central Vacuum Motor
SKU: CV-116210-50
Price: $149.99
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Ametek-Lamb 116210-85 Central Vacuum Motor
SKU: CV-116210-85
Price: $178.99
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Ametek-Lamb 116296 Central Vacuum Motor
SKU: CV-116296
Price: $242.99
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Ametek-Lamb 116429 Central Vacuum Motor
SKU: CV-116429
Price: $170.99
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Ametek-Lamb 116471 Central Vacuum Motor
SKU: CV-116471
Price: $155.98
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Ametek-Lamb 116669 Central Vacuum Motor
SKU: CV-116669
Price: $152.99
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Ametek-Lamb 116670 Central Vacuum Motor
SKU: CV-116670
Price: $183.99
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