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Kenmore Wands

Kenmore vacuum wands may not seem all that important, but when you think about it, they are an integral part of the machine as a whole.  The wands extend your reach from the handle to the power nozzle on your Kenmore canister vacuum.  The wands deliver the power from the electrical components in the handle to the receivers in the nozzle to power the motor for the Kenmore brush roller.  The metal construct provides stability through many uses and possible "accidents" (that time the vacuum fell down the stairs).  If you find yourself in need of replacing your Kenmore canister vacuum wand and are unsure of which one fits your model, call our specialists at (866)-972-8227 to help make the correct purchase.
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Kenmore 116.29319215 Hose and Wand Kit
On Sale For:$149.99
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Kenmore Lower Wand KC48PDKNZ000
On Sale Now:$24.99
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Kenmore Lower Wand With Cord
On Sale For:$24.99
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Kenmore or Titan Complete Wand
SKU: TITAN-47-1901-60+47-1900-61
On Sale Now:$74.95
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Kenmore or Titan Lower Wand
SKU: TITAN-47-1901-60
On Sale Now:$49.95
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Kenmore or Titan Upper Wand
SKU: TITAN-591012117
On Sale Now:$34.95
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Kenmore Corded Wand
On Sale For:$99.99
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Kenmore Upper and Lower Wand Set For 2 Prong Hose
SKU: KENREP-70314-70317
On Sale For:$49.99
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Displaying 1 to 8 (of 8 products) Result Pages: 1
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