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ProTeam Upright Vacuums

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Ensure your home or business has the highest grade commercial upright vacuum cleaner offered by Proteam.  Built tough to cater to the needs of businesses, but also forged to gently caress the carpets of the nicest residential dwellings, this brand of vacuum cleaner can do it all.  The Proteam upright vacuum cleaners are modeled after the older Electrolux vacuums, so you know that you will be getting the best possible quality in general. 

The two most popular models offered by this brand are the ProCare 15 and the ProCare 15XP.  These machines are just about identical in quality and overall performance power.  Both machines come standard with a HEPA filter which helps to gradually increase the air quality you inhale over time. You will trap dirt never allowing it to escape back into your breathing space with the ProTeam upright vacuums thanks to their sealed systems.  When coupled with anti-allergy vacuum cleaner bags, you will experience cleaner air in your home than you thought possible. The only difference between them is the set of on board attachment tools included with the 15 XP upright vacuum.  For information regarding the specifications and durability of the Procare 15 and 15XP upright vacuum cleaners by ProTeam, call eVacuumStore at 866-962-8227.
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ProCare 15 Multi-Surface/Floor Vacuum
SKU: PRO-107252
On Sale For:$499.99
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ProCare 15XP Upright with Tools On Board
SKU: PRO-107252
On Sale For:$499.99
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ProCare 15XPDP Upright Vacuum Deluxe Package
On Sale For:$549.95
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ProForce 1200XP HEPA Upright Vacuum
SKU: PRO-107251
On Sale For:$365.99
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ProForce 1500 HEPA Upright Vacuum
SKU: PRO-107253
On Sale For:$598.75
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ProForce 1500XP HEPA Upright Vacuum
SKU: PRO-107252
On Sale For:$499.00
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Displaying 1 to 6 (of 6 products) Result Pages: 1
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