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Pullman Holt Upright Vacuums

Why Pullman-Holt Upright Vacuum Cleaners?

What sets Pullman-Holt apart from the rest of the upright vacuums out there?  Well to start with, the intelligent height adjustment allows for the vacuum to automatically change the height of the brushroll no matter what surface you are cleaning.  That means there's no need to worry about changing the height yourself as the vacuum does it for you!  Pullman-Holt also boasts a low-profile so you can clean under any piece of furniture.  Whether it's a desk or a row of seating, the Pullman-Holt will take care of it with ease.

The Pullman-Holt Upright Vacuum Cleaners also use an electronic sensor that tells you when there is an airflow restriction or obstruction in the brush.  You'll never have to worry about the status of your vacuum again, as it will tell you when something is wrong on its own.  The Pullman-Holt is able to take the daily beating needed for commercial upright vacuums without complaint or constant repair.
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Pullman-Holt UV5 Dual Motor Upright With Tool Kit
Pullman-Holt UV5 Dual Motor Upright With Tool Kit
Model: [B703614]
  • Floating head automatically adjusts to varying surface heights.
  • Electronic sensors alert the user to an airflow restriction or a jammed brush roll.
  • Low profile power head allows the vacuum to hug the floor and to reach under and around furniture.
  • $599.99

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