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Electrolux Hand Vacuums

Who would have thought that you could have quality and overall performance from a handheld vacuum when they’re so much smaller than an upright or canister?  Electrolux, that’s who.  They have adapted the power known of their best sweepers and combined it with the convenience of a hand vacuum, yielding one of the most sought after handheld machines available.  In the same vein as conventional Electrolux vacuums, this specific style has many uses. Ideal for specialized cleaning purposes such as stairs, upholstery, car interiors and other hard to reach spots, Electrolux hand held vacuum cleaners offer the versatility and efficiency required for such jobs.  These sweepers are commonly praised for their lightweight yet surprisingly durable nature which also helps attribute to their overall success.

The most renowned Electrolux handheld vacuum cleaners are actually the source of suction for the stick vacuums of this brand, known as the Ergorapido.  These small machines are housed by the body of the stick vacuum, and when combined, offer a unique and convenient approach to cleaning.  Built for maneuverability, these electric brooms glide across any surface, whether it’s a carpet, hardwood, tile or anything else, all while being powered by an Electrolux hand vacuum.  For questions and assistance regarding this style of machine, make sure to contact the specialists here at eVacuumStore by calling 866-972-8227.
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Electrolux Rapido
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