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Electrolux HEPA Vacuums

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Why Choose an Electrolux HEPA Vacuum Cleaner?

Combining the filtration of an air purifier with the overall performance power of an Electrolux sweeper, this brand of HEPA vacuum certainly provides you with the best of both worlds. Known for the quality of their carpet sweepers, this brand has been the pinnacle of efficiency since it was made available in North America in 1924. Having taken advantage of the breathtaking filtration capabilities of a HEPA filter, Electrolux has been able to provide consumers with one of the best lines of HEPA vacuum cleaners available.

A HEPA filter utilizes a filtration method that removes just under 100% of all particles larger than 0.3 micrometers. What this means is that your home is eradicated of the harmful particles that irritate your allergies or in some cases asthma. Unlike other methods of filtration that may unsuccessfully filter these irritating particles, causing them to continually circulate in your air, HEPA filters help to permanently remove them and increase air quality in the long run. Through the fusion of this style of filtration and the unsurpassed suction power of an Electrolux canister vacuum, as well as other types, an Electrolux HEPA vacuum is guaranteed to provide you with the deepest clean your home has ever known and as well as raise the air quality over time. For further information regarding this style of filtration, contact eVacuumStore today by calling 866-972-8227!

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Electrolux EL4335B UltraFlex Bagless Canister Vacuum
Electrolux EL4335A UltraFlex Bagless Canister Vacuum
Model: [EL4335B]
  • Versatile, Bagless Canister Vacuum
  • Powerful 12 Amp Suction Motor
  • Utilizes HEPA Filtration
  • Easy-to-Empty, No Mess Dust Cup
  • 5 Year Warranty
  • $599.99

    Electrolux EL7080ACL UltraOne Classic Canister Vacuum
    Electrolux EL7080ACL UltraOne Classic Canister Vacuum
    Model: [EL7080ACL]
    • Seven (7) Year Manufacturer's Warranty
    • Perfect for Hardwood or Tile
    • HEPA Filter Standard
    • Suction Control Dial

    Electrolux EL8802A Precision Brushroll Clean Pet Upright Vacuum Cleaner
    Electrolux EL8802A Precision Pet Vacuum Cleaner
    Model: [EL8811A]
    • Brushroll Clean Technology
    • Sealed HEPA filtration
    • Includes pet brush and VersaTool
    • 5 year warranty

    Electrolux UltraOne Deluxe Canister Vacuum EL7085ADX
    Electrolux UltraOne Deluxe Canister Vacuum EL7085ADX
    Model: [EL7085ADX]
    • With Electric Power Nozzle
    • Superior Sealed HEPA Filtration
    • Includes Premium Attachments
    • 7 Year Manufacturer's Warranty

    Sanitaire by Electrolux S3686E Canister Vacuum
    Sanitaire by Electrolux S3686E Canister Vacuum
    Model: [S3686E]
    • Allergen Filtration, optional HEPA
    • 12 Amps
    • On board tools
    • 2 Year Warranty

    Sanitaire by Electrolux SC5713B HEPA Upright
    Sanitaire by Electrolux SC5713 Commercial Upright Vacuum
    Model: [SC5713B]
    • Quiet Operation
    • Washable HEPA Filter
    • On Board cleaning tools

    Sanitaire SC5845 Bagless HEPA Upright Vacuum
    Sanitaire By Electrolux SC5845B Bagless HEPA Upright Vacuum
    Model: [SC5845B]
    • Sealed HEPA vacuum system
    • On board accessories
    • Bagless

    Electrolux ErgoSpace Green EL4101A
    Electrolux ErgoSpace Green EL4101A Vacuum Cleaner
    Model: [EL4101A]
    • 5 year warranty
    • HEPA H12 Filtration
    • 360 degree swivel hose
                   Item No Longer Available
    See Replacement

    10 Year Vacuum Cleaner Motor Warranty
    10 Year Vacuum Cleaner Motor Warranty
    Model: [10 Year Warranty]

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