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Eureka Canister Vacuum Cleaner Filters

When it comes to Eureka canister vacuum cleaners, swapping out filters is of vast importance.  Popular models like the Might Mite 3670G and 940A require new filters every so often to maintain optimum performance levels.  Various filters such as HEPA filters, motor filters, and exhaust filters may be required of your Eureka vacuum cleaner, so make sure you know which is needed.  If you are unsure, feel free to contact us directly.  We can be reached at 866-972-8227 and are able to provide professional assistance, and help with ordering over the phone.
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Eureka H12 HEPA Filter SP012
On Sale For:$13.99
Envirocare Universal Microfilter Pads - 2pk
Price: $14.99
Eureka Motor Filter 61263
Price: $6.89
Eureka 6510A Dust Cup Filter
Price: $10.49
Eureka DCF-22 Vacuum Filter
On Sale For:$12.99
Eureka DCF 23 Filter
Price: $12.99
Eureka Dust Cup Filter 86051
Price: $7.57
Eureka Final Filter 61895
Price: $6.99
Eureka HF-15 Filter 68944
Price: $9.99
Eureka Home Cleaning System Motor Filter 37413
Price: $2.39
Eureka Home Cleaning System Motor Filter 60874
Price: $23.49
Eureka Inner Filter 61777
Price: $2.99
Eureka Mighty Mite Motor Filter 38333
Price: $1.98
Eureka MM HEPA Filter 60666 HF8
Price: $19.99
Eureka Motor Filter 61243
Price: $5.49
Eureka Outlet Vacuum Filter
Price: $3.99
Eureka Vacuum Filter Style EF-3
Price: $9.99
Eureka DCF-1 Dust Cup Filter 61700
Price: $12.98
Eureka EF-3 Exhaust Filters 62040
Price: $4.99
Eureka H12 Washable HEPA Filter
On Sale For:$18.99
Displaying 1 to 20 (of 42 products) Page:1 2 3  Next
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