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Hoover Cords

A vacuum is to a power cord, what you or I are to water; they simply cannot survive without it.  Hoover vacuum parts like the power cords are able to be located at eVacuumStore where we strive to maintain the longevity of this brand of machine.  Whether it is a canister vacuum cleaner like the Windtunnel, or an upright model like the Guardsman, it its imperative that your cord be replaced if it becomes bad or breaks over the years.  Effortlessly place your order online or call to speak with one of our professional sales staff members.  We can be reached at 866-972-8227!
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Hoover 3 Wire PN Cord
SKU: HOO-46521021
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Hoover 440005154 35 Foot 3 Wire Power Cord |
SKU: HOO-440005154
On Sale For:$53.99
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Hoover 440013608 35 Foot Orange Power Cord |
SKU: HOO-440013608
On Sale For:$45.99
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Hoover 44003866 20 foot Black Power Cord |
SKU: HOO-44003866
On Sale For:$25.99
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Hoover 46383330 30 Foot 2 wire Power Cord |
SKU: HOO-46383330
On Sale For:$17.99
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Hoover 46583125 21 Foot 3 wire Power Cord |
SKU: HOO-46583125
On Sale For:$56.99
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Hoover Concept I Upright Vacuum 20" Power Cord
SKU: EVAC-P-00001103
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Hoover Concept II Power Cord 24 Feet
SKU: HOO-46388004
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Hoover Cord Protector
SKU: HOO-36215028
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Hoover Elite Upright Vacuum 30 Foot Long Power Cord
SKU: HOO-46388043
On Sale For:$47.99
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Hoover Elite Upright Vacuum Power Cord 30 Foot
SKU: LUX-38-5876-96
On Sale For:$47.99
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Hoover Generic Power Cord 30 Feet
SKU: EVAC-P-00001085
On Sale For:$19.49
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Hoover WindTunnel T Series Power Cord
SKU: HOO-730738001
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Displaying 1 to 13 (of 13 products) Result Pages: 1
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