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Windsor Vacuum Parts

If you researched and learned about Windsor vacuum cleaners, then you understand why quality matters when it comes to your home, office, or business.  You know that cheaply made vacuums never stand up to dust and dirt the way you want them to.  You learned the hard way that choosing an upright vacuum with cheaply made parts assembled on a line breaks down very quickly at the mere sight of a lot of dust.  Frequent use or heavy dust loads overwhelm the units, but not a Windsor.  Occasionally, you'll need to replace a part or two; that's a common occurrence.  The good news is, once that part gets replaced, the vacuum is up and back in the ring in the fight against debris for dozens of bouts.  Choose from parts for Windsor Sensor and Versamatic models.  Knock dirt out of your home by renewing your Windsor vacuum through
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Windsor Sensor Exhaust Filter
Price: $9.99
Windsor Sensor MicroFilter
On Sale For:$12.95
Windsor Motor Assembly
Price: $299.99
Windsor Power Cord 10 Pack
Price: $249.95
Windsor Power Cord 20 Pack
Price: $475.95
Windsor Power Cord 5 Pack
Price: $132.95
Windsor Sensor Blue Cord
Price: $29.99
Windsor 15 Inch Brush Roller
Price: $57.99
Windsor Sensor Brush Roller
Price: $69.99
Windsor Sensor SR12 Foot Pedal
Price: $9.99
Windsor Sensor XP12 Brush Roller
Price: $19.99
Windsor SR12 Access Door
Price: $14.99
Windsor SR12 Blue Switch
Price: $39.99
Windsor SR12 Motor 1000 W 120V
Price: $279.99
Windsor Vacuum Cleaner Exhaust Filter Replacement
Price: $9.99
Windsor Vacuum Cleaner Motor Filter Replacement
Price: $19.95
Windsor Versamatic 12 Inch Brush Strip
Price: $15.99
Windsor Versamatic 18 Inch Brush Strip
Price: $19.99
Windsor Versamatic Support Lever with Spring
Price: $6.99
Windsor Versamatic Chassis
Price: $49.99
Displaying 1 to 21 (of 21 products) Page:1 2  Next
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