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Beam Brush Rollers

Beam Powerhead Brush Rolls

We carry a range of Beam central vacuum parts, including these Beam agitator brushes. These brushrolls are designed to work with a variety of Beam power nozzles, including their popular Beam Q system and Rugmaster system. If you need assistance determining which brushroll will work for your power nozzle, please give us a call for assistance.
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Beam Classic Power Nozzle Brush Roller
SKU: LUX-60279-1
On Sale For:$24.99
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Beam Imperial Powerhead Update Kit
SKU: LUX-155493
On Sale For:$74.99
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Beam Q Brush Roller
SKU: LUX-61699-2
On Sale For:$34.95
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Beam Rugmaster Brush Roller
SKU: LUX-53411-1
On Sale For:$44.99
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Beam Rugmaster Plus Brush Strips
SKU: LUX-52282A-4
On Sale For:$4.99
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Beam Serenity Brush Roller
SKU: LUX-155130
On Sale For:$79.99
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Beam Solaire Brush Roller
SKU: LUX-155222
On Sale For:$39.95
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Beam Q100 Brushroll, Belt, and Plate
SKU: LUX-155260
On Sale For:$34.99
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Displaying 1 to 8 (of 8 products) Result Pages: 1
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