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Electrolux Central Vacuum Power Nozzles

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Identifying the Right Electrolux Central Vacuum Powerhead

Make sure to use your Electrolux central vacuum system to the best of its ability with the help of the correct motor-driven powerhead.  There are a few different power nozzles that are compatible with this brand of whole house vacuum, but which one is the right one for your machine?  The correct powerhead will vary depending on the type of vacuum wands you are using to provide both an extension and electrical current from your hose to your attachment tools.  

For use with Electrolux epic wands, the epic power nozzle is the only available option.  The epic wands are plastic wands with integrated electrical components and are available in three colors; white, grey and blue.  In regards to the nozzle, this powerhouse of a motorhead helps to agitate your carpet and forcibly remove dust, dirt and other debris that can be harmful towards those with asthma or allergies.  The unique L-shape of this motorized vacuum part helps to increase maneuverability around tables, chairs and other household furnishings, making it one of the best rated powerheads available.  This piece will provide your Electrolux central vacuum cleaner with the best medium to prove its worth.

If an Electrolux central vacuum is using metal wands and a sheath, then the two options for power nozzles are the genuine power nozzle assembly and the style power nozzle assembly.  The sheath assembly is a metal wand covered in a plastic casing that includes all of the electrical components inside of it.  In this case, the sheath package acts as the upper wand and connects to the lower wand which is a hollow metal tube.  For convenience, the Electrolux style powehead assembly comes with both, the complete sheath assembly and the metal wand to provide the nozzle with electricity.  Although the genuine power nozzle does not come with the metal wand and sheath, it provides the best cleaning capabilities available and is compatible with existing wands being used.

Perhaps the most popular accessory set to be used with an Electrolux central vacuum is the CS3000 kit.  It is within this kit that the QuietClean powerhead is most commonly found.  However, this immaculate cleaning tool can also be found separate from its accessory brethren.  The QuietClean motorhead is compatible with the telescopic wand primarily used with various Electrolux Oxygen models.  The part number of the wand that this power nozzle is compatible with is 75979B-1.  For additional information regarding the compatibility of an Electrolux powerhead, contact eVacuumStore at 866-972-8227.

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