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Dyson Filters

Replacing the Filter on Your Dyson Vacuum

Dyson Filters are 99.97% effective in removing all dust, dirt and allergens from your home. When using a bagless vacuum cleaner like the machine offered by Dyson, it is crucial that you replace this part every 6 months to maintain ideal performance. Each Dyson vacuum cleaner uses a different filtration method to remove harmful particles from the air of your home. In most vacuum cleaners, the dust is removed by the dust bag and sometimes even HEPA filtration. Because bagless vacuum cleaners do not use a bag, the dirt is more likely to escape. 

The filtration in your Dyson vacuum cleaner removes these particles and keeps them from reentering the air through the motor exhaust. While some machines use one HEPA filter, most Dyson vacuums use two filters; the pre-motor filter and the post-motor filter. Pre-motor filtration removes particles before they enter the motor of your sweeper which helps to keep the motor running at its top performance. The post-motor filtration removes the remaining particles before they have the chance to enter the air of your home. This is extremely helpful if anyone in your family suffers from allergies or asthma.

Because there are so many different models of Dyson vacuums, there are many different filters. While most filters will need to be replaced every six months to a year, some are washable. These washable filters can be replaced less frequently and can be cleaned using hot water. We offer the genuine replacement parts for many Dyson upright and canister vacuums including the DC04, DC05, DC07, DC08, DC11, DC14, DC15, DC17, DC18, DC22, DC23, DC24, DC25, DC27, DC28, DC31, and more. 

The filter on each machine can be located in a different place. On most Dyson canister vacuum cleaners, it is located in a compartment inside of the wheel. To access this filter, you will turn a small knob adjacent to the wheel and pull the cover open. On most Dyson upright vacuums however, the filter is located underneath the dust cup. To access the filter in this machine, you'll have to completely remove the dust receptacle and open the cover near the base of the sweeper. If you have a smaller machine like the Dyson ball, the filter is located inside of the ball. Accessing this filter can be a little more difficult. Turn the ball until you see the filter latch and open the door. If you have any more questions about Dyson filters for your machine, contact our customer service team.

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Dyson DC27, DC28 HEPA Post Filter Assembly
Price: $34.99
Dyson DC27 Pre-Filter Assembly
Price: $21.99
Dyson DC27, DC28 Pre and Post Motor Filters
Price: $48.98
Dyson DC32 Pre-Motor Filter
Price: $21.99
Dyson DC33 Post Filter
Price: $39.99
Dyson DC33 Pre-Motor Filter
Price: $29.99
Dyson DC33 Pre and Post Motor Filters
Price: $68.98
Dyson DC41, DC65, DC66 Post Filter Assembly
On Sale For:$44.95
Dyson DC41, DC65, DC66 Pre and Post Motor Filters
Price: $87.98
Dyson DC07 Charcoal Filter
Price: $9.99
Dyson DC07 Filter Lid Pad
Price: $9.99
Dyson DC07 Pre Motor Filter Assembly
On Sale For:$17.99
Dyson DC07 and DC14 HEPA Filter Assembly
Price: $34.99
Dyson DC16 Washable Post Filter
Price: $9.99
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