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Miele Vacuum Bags

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Miele offers a diverse line of canister, upright and stick vacuums for many different cleaning settings. Each of these different vacuum cleaners uses a different type of bag. Be sure to know your model number or bag type when ordering. All of the Miele vacuum bags sold be also include filters in the box.

Choosing the Correct Miele Vacuum Bags

In order to help you choose the right bags for your sweeper, we've outlined which bags fit in each different Miele vacuum. Newer Miele bags offer a 9-ply electrostatically charged design to keep unwanted allergens from being exhausted back into the air of your home while cleaning while older bags offer a paper design. Read on to distinguish the differences between the different styles of Miele bags and to determine which style is suitable for your cleaner.

Miele FJM Vacuum Cleaner Bags:

The Miele FJM bags are designed to fit S200, S300, S500, S4 series and S6 series canister vacuum cleaners. This type of bag features a self-closing design in a completely hygienic bag that is great for users with asthma or allergies. These bags fit S4 series canisters like the Neptune and Polaris and S6 series models like the Red Velvet and Topaz. FJM bags are also used in older style Miele canister vacuums such as the S500 Cat and Dog.

Miele Type U AirClean Bags:

Type U bags are designed to fit the new S7 series uprights such as the Twist, Bolero and Cat & Dog. These vacuum cleaner bags feature an ultra-hygienic design that is perfect for any home or cleaning setting. An auto-seal, self-locking collar keeps microscopic dust and allergens trapped safely inside the bag so you don't have to worry about releasing the lung-damaging particles that are filtered by the bags. The protective netting used to make these bags extra strong and prevent breaking or ripping.

Miele GN Bags:

Miele GN bags are designed to fit older canister models like the s400 and s600 series as well as newer models like the S2 and S5 series. Some of the more popular machines that these bags fit are the S2121 Titan and S5281 Callisto, although these bags will fit a large array of vacuum cleaners. These bags feature an auto-close feature with a hygienic seal so dirt and dust do not escape after cleaning. With 9 stages of filtration, these bags are ideal for users with allergies or asthma. The Miele GN bags also offer a protective netting for extra strength to prevent ripping or tearing. Type G/N bags are also designed to fit the new Miele S8 Vacuums including the Alize, UniQ, Calima, HomeCare, Kona and Marin.

Miele IntensiveClean Z Bags:

Type Z bags are made to fit Miele stick vacuums like the S100 series of universal uprights. A single pack of intensive clean Z bags includes 5 genuine Miele vacuum cleaner bags and the dust compartment filter to fit models S170-S185. These filter bags are designed to improve filtration in Miele upright vacuum by 400% and are made with an intricate web of specially designed three-ply fibers, randomly-spun. The genuine Z bags retain far more tiny particles and allergens than any conventional, generic paper bag.

Miele Type K FilterBags:

Miele's intensive clean plus vacuum cleaner bags are made of an intricate web of 3-ply random-spun fibers that allow the bags to retain significantly more tiny particles and allergens than any other conventional paper bag. These bags are used in Miele's stick vacuums model S140-S195. This includes the Miele S194 Quickstep universal upright as well as the S168 universal stick vacuum. These bags are reinforced with extra strength so they will not break or tear over time.

Miele Type B Dust Bags:

Miele type B vacuum bags are designed for use in S120 and S130 stick vacuums which are also known as universal upright vacuums and mini-upright vacuums. These Eco-friendly bags are made from unbleached paper with a card collar and provide a large dust capacity for hygienic cleaning in models S125-S138. Included in a standard pack are 5 vacuum bags and 1 air clean filter. These bags can also be purchased from eVacuumStore in larger quanitities.

Miele H Bags:

Miele H bags are designed to fit models S227-S240i, S269i throught S282i and S400i through S456i. These quality paper bags are extremely efficient in removing harmful dust and allergens from your home when used in Miele's premier line of full sized canister vacuums like the Blue Sapphire and Black Diamond. Included in a standard pack are 5 filter bags, a motor filter and a super air clean filter.

Miele Type L Art Vacuum Bags:

Miele's Type L bags are designed for use in Miele upright vacuum cleaners. These 3-ply fiber bags are great for users with allergies and asthma due to their high retention rate of tiny particles like dust and allergens. These bags are far more useful than any generic paper bag and provide three times more filtration. Included in each pack are 5 intensiveclean plus bags, a super air clean filter and a motor filter.

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