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Miele Power Nozzles

Getting to Know the Different Miele Power Heads

There are numerous Miele attachments capable of  convincing skeptics that this brand is of the highest quality.  Attachments like crevice tools, parquet twister floor tools and many others attribute to this fact.  However, one of the many Miele parts categories that sets this brand apart from the rest are their state-of-the-art turbo and motorized powerheads.  There are various styles of these power nozzles available in order to offer the widest selection to consumers.  These prolific attachments transform a Miele vacuum into more than just a machine.  In fact, with the help of a power nozzle, your sweeper is sure to be considered a member of the family.  These quality motorized parts are divided into categories based on the floor type they are best suited to clean, ranging from hardwood floors to the most delicate high-pile carpets.

Does your home primarily consist of smooth floors such as hardwood or tile?  Or for that matter, low pile carpeting?  If you said yes to either of these questions, then a Miele combination floor tool is the right style of cleaning nozzle for you and your home.  With help from the fine microfiber strips found on the underside of this vacuum attachment, dust stands a 0% chance of resisting.  Various models like the Classic, AirTeq and FiberTeq combination rug and floor tools have helped to bestow these nozzles with a name feared by dust and other particles commonly removed from low pile carpeting.  With the help of an easily accessible foot switch, these Miele canister vacuum attachments effortlessly switch from hard-surface cleaning mode to carpet cleaning mode.

Perhaps you're thinking, "I need my Miele power head to have a little bit more oomf!" Well if so, the next step up from a combination tool has just what you need.  The Miele Electric powerbrush, commonly referred to as the Electro Comfort power nozzle, makes tackling low to medium-pile carpets with your Miele vacuum a cinch.  With its finely-bristled brush roll and unique, swiveling neck, this Miele part allows for a deep clean and unmatched maneuverability.  Dirt and other debris will be dislodged from their hiding place thanks to the efforts of this power nozzle which will also help to increase the air quality of your home after each successful cleaning.

What's that you say?  Your home primarily consists of medium to high-pile carpeting?  Fear not!  Miele has you covered on all grounds, figuratively and literally speaking.  The ElectroPlus power head is equipped with a 14 inch brush roll making it the perfect companion for your Miele vacuum, as well as your carpets and rugs.  Similar to the Electro comfort powerbrush, the ElectroPlus has a swiveling neck making it just as maneuverable and providing you with the simplest  cleaning experiences.  However, unlike the Electro Comfort, this high-end power nozzle has a five level height adjustment making it incredibly versatile and carpet friendly.  Catering to the length and pile of your carpet helps to set the ElectroPlus powerhead aside from the remainder of these Miele vacuum parts.

Although similar to the SEB228 ElectroPlus power head, the SEB236 ElectroPremium nozzle stands alone as the most powerful and high performing Miele vacuum part available.  This motorized attachment has a manual five-height adjustment for varying carpet densities, making it the perfect choice whether your home consists of low pile carpet, high pile carpet, or anything else in between.  Also standard with this canister vacuum part is the swiveling neck feature which allows for the most maneuverability while vacuuming.  Flooring and furniture alike will be navigated with ease as the user experiences ergonomic handling and deep down vacuuming.  Unique to this part is the integrated headlight that illuminates your floors while cleaning, making it easier than ever before.  Questions regarding the various Miele power nozzles can be addressed by the professionals at eVacuumStore.  Contact 866-972-8227 today!
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Miele SEB217-2 Electric Powerbrush
Price: $150.00
Miele SBD285-3 Classic Floor Tool
On Sale For:$69.00
Miele SBD470-3 FiberTeQ Combination Floor Tool
Price: $69.00
Miele SBD650-3 AirTeQ Combination Floor Tool
Price: $89.00
Miele SEB213 Electro Comfort Power Nozzle
Price: $150.00
Miele SEB213-2 Electric Powerbrush
Price: $150.00
Miele SEB217-3 Electric Power Head
Price: $150.00
Miele SEB228 ElectroPlus Power Head
Price: $209.00
Miele SEB236 Electro Premium Power Head
Price: $259.00
Miele STB205-2 Air-Driven Turbobrush
Price: $109.00
Miele STB205-3 Turbo Comfort Turbo Brush
On Sale For:$109.00
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