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iRobot Pool Vacuums

Save yourself the trouble of diving into your pool for that weekly cleaning session thanks to the help of the iRobot Verro pool vacuums.  Especially as the summer comes to an end and fall starts peeking around the corner, taking a swim for the sole purpose of cleaning becomes chillier and chillier.  All of these problems and fears are erased when the iRobot Verro joins the scene.  The available models of this convenient style of pool vacuum cleaner are perfect for in-ground pools, as they can be fully submersed in water.  They scour your pool and pick up small and large debris with ease.  Thanks to the swivel capability of the power cord, they are able to avoid becoming tangled without any problem, which will help prevent additional work for you in the future.  You can acquire more information on the various models of the iRobot Verro by contacting eVacuumStore at 866-972-8227.
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