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Beam Central Vacuum Units

Beam Industries started their focus on the central vacuum when their company began in 1957. In 2007, Beam Industries became Electrolux Central Vacuum Systems and began distributing Beam as a brand of power unit in addition to their own.  Known today as Beam by Electrolux, the company continues to manufacture and market their high quality Beam central vacuum known for their steel construction and unsurpassed power.  

Beam power units utilize their patented ATLISTM (Adaptable Twist-Lock Intake System) technology which allows for piping to be installed on either side of the central vacuum system.  This brand of power unit is affordable and appealing to the eye in addition to the power it possesses.

At eVacuumstore we offer a wide Beam central vacuum power unit selection to help customers find the right model for their home, or even commercial purposes.  We carry the popular Serenity IQS central system that comes in the 3700A, 3980A, and 3500C models.  The 3700A model is ideal for smaller homes due to its ability to clean up to 7,000 square feet at a suction power of 600 air watts.  Additionally, it has a built in LCD display screen which provides the user with system information, making it easier to maintain the machine.  Similar to this model of Beam central system is the 3980A.  The 3980A differs from the 3700A in air wattage and overall suction power, but maintains the same features such as the LCD display.  This model of Beam vacuum is perfect for homes up to 12,000 square feet and offers 640 air watts of suction power.  Both the 3700A and 3980A offer sound insulation which guarantees quieter operation.  

Unlike the 3700A and 3980A models which run on a single motor, the 3500C runs on two 240 volt motors increasing the performance power.  Due to the two motors in this machine, it performs at 1,000 air watts of suction power which guarantees the best possible cleaning for the largest homes and even settings requiring a commercial vacuum.  Although it does not have an LCD display, the 3500C has a self-cleaning filtration system which is ideal for individuals who suffer from allergies and asthma.  

On our site you will also find the affordable, but powerful, Beam Builder Series central vacuum.  This style of Beam central vacuum system is perfect for dwellings up to 3,000 square feet such as condos and townhouses.  Although this machine is meant for smaller living spaces, it still packs 500 air watts of suction power and runs on a 120 volt motor.  Additionally, it also contains a permanent self-cleaning Goretex filter, which like the Beam Serenity 3500C is great for people with asthma and allergies.  At eVacuumstore you are guaranteed to find the right model of Beam central vacuum for your home however large or small.  For further assistance or questions you might have, make sure to call our professional customer service associates at 866-972-8227. 

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Beam 700TCN01A Alliance Central Vacuum Unit
On Sale For:$1,169.99
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Beam Builder Series Model SC200
SKU: BEAM-000318
On Sale For:$449.99
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Beam Central Vacuum Power Unit 650SBN01A
On Sale Now:$1,078.80
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Beam Power Unit Model SC225
SKU: BEAM-000300
On Sale For:$549.99
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Beam Power Unit Model SC275
SKU: LUX-000301
On Sale For:$699.95
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Beam Power Unit Model SC325
SKU: BEAM-000324
On Sale For:$633.95
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Beam Serenity QS Series 398C Central Vacuum
SKU: EVAC-P-00014559
On Sale For:$1,022.95
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Beam Serenity SC300 Power Unit
SKU: BEAM-000303
On Sale Now:$689.00
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Beam Serenity SC3500 Central Vacuum Unit
SKU: BEAM-000328
On Sale For:$1,217.95
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