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Hayden Central Vacuum Accessories

Hayden Central Vacuum Attachment Packages

For vastly superior accessory sets, Hayden has you covered.  Offering the option between three different packages of attachments, this brand of central vacuum covers all grounds, figuratively and literally.  At eVacuumStore we carry all available accessory bundles from Hayden central vacuum including the performance, deluxe and premier packages.  Each of these kits come properly equipped for direct connect or pig-tail purposes.  A direct connect hose comes with the electrical contacts included on the hose, so that when it is attached to the inlet, the machine is supplied with power.  A pig-tail cord is connected to the hose of your central vacuum.  When the hose is attached to the inlet valve, the pig-tail cord extends to the wall and is plugged in to supply the system with energy.

To suit your specific cleaning requirements, you will find the three accessory sets offered for this style of Hayden central vacuum: performance, deluxe and premier.  These sets include either a 30 or 35 foot hose with a powerhead corresponding to the package and a set of tools to help clean any surface.  With three options meant to suit any budget for someone looking for central vacuum accessory sets, Hayden is unparalleled.  For direct support on anything you need assistance with, make sure to call eVacuumStore at 866-972-8227.

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Hayden Super Pack Deluxe II Central Vacuum Kit
SKU: HAY-99 360-35.42
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Hayden Standard Central Vac Kit
SKU: BEAM-060063
On Sale For:$113.00
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Central Vacuum Floor Polishing Accessory Kit
On Sale For:$499.99
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Hayden Standard Central Vac Kit
SKU: CV-BI-57434
On Sale For:$139.99
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Standard Central Vac Hose
SKU: CV-06-1100-96
On Sale For:$50.00
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Standard 35ft Hose Central Vacuum Accessory Kit
SKU: CV-XE130138035FU-KIT
On Sale For:$169.99
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Displaying 1 to 6 (of 6 products) Result Pages: 1
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