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Beam Builder's Packages

Beam Central Vacuum Builder’s Packages

When installing a central vacuum system into your new or already existing home, your best option is without a doubt, a builder’s package.  These packages come equipped with everything required to install a central system into your home.  Included is your choice of power unit, which vary in strength to suit the size of your home, a compatible set of attachments and an assortment of central vacuum fittings.  This array of fittings includes PVC pipe, inlet valves, PVC cement, pipe straps and more to successfully install the machine. 
For the highest quality in central vacuums, Beam is the brand to choose.  Providing durable, high performance machines since 1957 has made this company the one to trust.  At eVacuumStore we carry builder’s packages that include the Beam SC200, the Serenity IQS 3700A and the Serenity Plus 3500C.  All of these packages are available for either direct connect or pig-tail power supply purposes.  The package that includes the SC200 central vacuum comes with the Beam Classic II attachment set in addition to the complete set of installation materials.  

For larger homes, the Beam Serenity IQS 3700A builder’s package is recommended.  Intended for homes up to 7,000 square feet in size, this beast packs 600 air watts of suction power which helps to pick up everything and keep it from circulating back into the air.  This machine comes with the Beam Q accessory kit as well as all the required materials for central vacuum installation.  

The Beam Serenity Plus 3500C is the strongest central vacuum system offered by this brand.  Containing two 240 volt motors guarantees unsurpassed power from this machine.  The package including this specific power unit includes the Beam Q attachment set and materials to ensure a successful installation process.  For any assistance needed regarding a Beam central vacuum, make sure to contact eVacuumStore by calling 866-972-8227,

Authorized Beam® Dealers are only allowed to ship Beam® products within 100 mile radius of their location.
Beam® is a registered trademark of Electrolux Home Care Products Ltd.
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Beam 325C Solaire Builder's Package
SKU: EVAC-P-00014924
On Sale For:$1,264.99
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Beam SC200 Central Vacuum Builder's Package
SKU: LUX-000318-099263-BUILDERS
On Sale For:$868.00
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Beam Serenity IQS 3700A Builder's Package
SKU: EVAC-P-00014761
On Sale For:$1,563.90
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Beam Serenity Plus 3500C Builder's Package
SKU: EVAC-P-00014762
On Sale For:$1,887.90
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