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Royal Vacuum Parts

As a Royal vacuum cleaner owner, you understand the time and craftsmanship poured into making your machine superior to other vacuums available.  Royal vacuums understands the contempt held for cheaply made vacuums; the company sought to provide a higher caliber cleaner for home and business owners alike.  Unfortunately, the materials we have to utilize for our inventions are not invincible.  Pieces wear down.  Accessories get lost in the home or in the move between homes.  When the unfortunate occurs, simply replace the pieces through  If you need a part for your residential or commercial vacuum cleaner, but cannot locate it on our website, call (866)-972-8227 today to speak with a live associate.
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20 Inch Wide Floor Brush
On Sale For:$59.99
Ceiling Fan Brush
On Sale For:$12.99
Refrigerator Crevice Tool 36 inch
On Sale For:$9.49
Hardwood Floor Dust Mop
On Sale For:$14.99
Hardwood Floor Dust Mop
On Sale For:$16.99
Pet Grooming Curry Comb
On Sale For:$24.99
Pet Grooming Pin Comb
On Sale For:$24.99
Refrigerator Crevice Tool 36 inch
On Sale For:$17.99
Royal 1020 Commercial Upright Handle Spring
On Sale For:$2.99
Royal 14 Inch Brush Roll
On Sale For:$49.99
Royal 2028590000 Handle Fork with Latch
Price: $29.99
Royal 4250 Canister Motor
On Sale For:$99.99
Royal 4250 power nozzle motor
On Sale For:$44.99
Royal 7200 Nozzle Guard
On Sale For:$13.49
Royal 85103 Belt Plate Cover (Adjust-O-Rite)
Price: $12.99
Royal 880 Motor Cap
On Sale For:$12.99
Royal Commercial Upright Orange Bag With Zipper
On Sale For:$79.99
Royal Dirt Devil Upright Handle Fork Stop Plate
On Sale For:$9.34
Royal Model 4000 Brush Roller
On Sale For:$39.99
Royal UR30080 Brush Roller
On Sale For:$29.99
Displaying 1 to 20 (of 27 products) Page:1 2  Next
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