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Upholstery Tools

Central Vacuum Upholstery Tools

These central vacuum upholstery tools work well for cleaning upholstery and other delicate fabrics or materials. There aren't too many differences in upholstery tools, some have longer bristles, and there are slight various differences in shape. Most of these upholstery tools have a circular 1 1/4" fitting and will fit a majority of central vacuum wands.  Some of these unique tools also have velvet strips on the bottom which can make all the difference in the world when it comes to debris removal, specifically hair.  For more information about these tools,and how they will work with your existing central vacuum attachments, contact eVacuumStore today by calling 866-972-8227!
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Electrolux Combination Dusting And Upholstery Tool
On Sale For:$19.99
ELectrolux Oxygen 3 EL7000A Upholstery Tool
On Sale For:$5.49
Eureka Upholstery Tool
On Sale For:$3.99
Generic Upholstery Tool - Black
On Sale For:$3.99
Generic Upholstery Tool - White
On Sale For:$4.95
Hoover Canister Vacuum Replacement Upholstery Tool Attachment
On Sale For:$9.49
Upholstery Tool with Bristles - Black
On Sale For:$3.99
Upholstery Tool with Bristles - White
On Sale For:$6.95
Displaying 1 to 8 (of 8 products) Result Pages: 1
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