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Eureka Central Vacuum Builder's Packages

Eureka Central Vacuum Packages for New Homes

For existing homes or homes under construction, Eureka central vacuum builder’s packages contain everything required for both the installation and cleaning processes.  A builder’s package comes equipped with a power unit of your choice, the ECP700 deluxe accessory set, and installation materials such as PVC pipe, PVC cement, inlet valves, couplings and more.  These Eureka vacuum cleaners can be installed anywhere inside or outside of the home in locations such as a garage or a utility room.  However, for the best possible filtration it is recommended that the system is placed outside of the living area to assist in the removal of irritating particles.  

When choosing the correct builder’s package for your home, floor space is something to take into consideration.  For smaller to mid-sized homes, the ECV5200 and 5300 are recommended due to their lower, but still incredible air wattage.  When planning central vacuum installation for a larger domestic setting, the ECV5400, 5500 and 5600 are the best options.  Offering low sound output and unsurpassed strength, these machines possess over 600 airwatts of suction power and range from 1650 to 1750 Watts of overall motor power.  In addition to the appropriate central system, this package deal comes with the deluxe Eureka accessory set which includes a 30 foot crushproof electric hose, an electric powerhead, two telescopic wands and a top of the line assortment of compatible cleaning tools.  

Central vacuum installation is a process that usually requires a larger budget, but with the builder’s packages offered at eVacuumStore, that is no longer a concern.  Central systems tend to be installed outside of the living area and connect to PVC pipe which is placed within the walls.  The PVC pipe then attaches to inlet valves that are strategically mounted throughout your home and act as a connector between the hose and the power unit.  When searching for the correct central vacuum package for your new or existing home, make sure to check out the selection we carry here at eVacuumStore.  Any questions or assistance regarding the Eureka central vacuum can be handled by calling our support staff at 866-972-8227.  

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Eureka Zuum ECV5200 Central Vacuum Builder's Package
Price: $949.98
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Eureka Zuum ECV5300 Central Vacuum Builder's Package
Price: $1,049.98
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Eureka Zuum ECV5400 Central Vacuum Builder's Package
Price: $1,169.98
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Eureka Zuum ECV5500 Central Vacuum Builders Package
Price: $1,279.98
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Eureka Zuum ECV5600 Central Vacuum Builders Package
Price: $1,349.99
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Eureka CV3291Q The Boss Central Vacuum Premier Builder's Package
SKU: eure-008453+kit-1000
Price: $949.99
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Displaying 1 to 6 (of 6 products) Result Pages: 1
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