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PowerStar Central Vacuum Units

Choosing a Powerstar Central Vacuum

Whether it’s 4,000 square feet, 16,000 square feet or any other amount of space in between, the Powerstar central vacuum effortlessly handles the floor area. These machines are known for their quiet operation without sacrificing any of the suction power one would expect from a central vacuum system. Offering filtration with a HEPA filter and the option between running as a bagged or bagless vacuum, these machines are just as convenient as they are high-quality.

For condos, apartments, starter homes and other living areas up to 4,000 square feet, the Powerstar Genesis is your best means of cleaning. It offers close to five gallons of storage for dirt and debris picked up and runs on a 12 amp motor.  For more power however, the Powerstar Optima central vacuum, which has a suction power of 600 air watts, can easily tackle a home up to 6,000 square feet. It runs on a 13.9 amp motor and cleans at a rate of 125 CFM (cubic feet per minute) which helps to ensure your home is kept the cleanest that it can be.

For the most power offered by this brand of central vacuum, the Powerstar Optima Plus and Powerstar Utopia are the most highly regarded. The Optima Plus takes care of up to 12,000 square feet of space while the Utopia can handle a home up to 16,000 square feet in size.  Similar to the other models of central vacuums offered by Powerstar, these two powerhouses utilize a HEPA filter and sound-reducing technology. However, for the most infrequent emptying of the dirt receptacle these power units are the way to go. They each can hold up to 6.25 gallons allowing for minimal maintenance and added convenience. Questions and assistance can be professionally handled by contacting eVacuumStore by calling 866-972-8227.

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