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Aggresor Central Vacuums

Aggresor Central Vacuum Systems

For a powerhouse central vacuum system that contains a self-cleaning filter for the highest levels of convenience, Aggresor is a terrific option to consider.  These machines are built for power that is only matched by their durability and overall performance.  Each power unit offered comes with a dirt container that ranges in size in relation to the height of each model.  At eVacuumStore we provide the option between the three highest quality Aggresor central vacuum systems including the A3, A6 and A14.

These incredible machines are capable of covering a wide range of space that varies with the model chosen.  For domestic settings up to 3,000 square feet, the Aggresor A3 is the way to go.  With airflow of 120 CFM (cubic feet per minute) and suction measured at 500 air Watts, this central vacuum is more than capable of maintaining your home.  For even more power, the A6 offers the ability to keep any area up to 7,000 square feet as clean as can be.  However, for the highest performing machine offered by Aggresor, the A14 is the one to look into.  With an outstanding ability to manage up to 12,000 square feet due to its 640 air Watts and 15 amp motor this machine will bring the tyrannical rule of the dust to an end.

These quality Aggresor central vacuums come equipped with the option to vent the exhaust outside of the home.  This feature allows for the best possible filtration and is considered to be even more effective than HEPA filtration.  For direct assistance, the service team at eVacuumStore is certain they can help you out and work through the process of deciding which of these Aggresor vacuum cleaners is right for you.  Make sure to contact us by calling 866-972-8227.

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