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Oreck Vacuum Filters

If you've ever watched T.V., there's a high probability you've seen an ad for Oreck vacuum cleaners.  Odds are even better that someone in your family or one of your friends owns an Oreck vacuum.  If you are like thousands of other happy customers, you know that nothing runs quite like an Oreck.  The lightweight design and poweful motors make moving between areas of your home that need cleaning a breeze on a warm day.  By replacing the filters on a regular basis, you ensure the durability and performance of your vacuum.  A clean home is a happy home, and a clean filter leads to both efficiently.  Place your order today and enjoy free shipping on an order over $50.
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Oreck FC1000 HEPA Filter
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Oreck HF1000 HEPA Filter
On Sale For:$41.99
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Oreck Little Hero Canister Vacuum Filters
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Oreck Speed Sweep TEK100 Vacuum Filter
SKU: EVAC-P-00019410
On Sale For:$7.16
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Oreck VersaVac Filter Replacement Kit
SKU: EVAC-P-00019412
On Sale For:$25.19
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Oreck DTX1100-1200 External HEPA Filter
On Sale For:$47.99
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Oreck DTX1300 External HEPA Filter
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Oreck VersaVac Water Filter Kit
On Sale For:$16.79
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Oreck 9 Quart Compacto ULPA Exhaust Filter
On Sale For:$23.94
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Oreck AV-701B CordFree Dust Cup Filter
SKU: ORE-40192-01
On Sale For:$21.59
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Displaying 1 to 10 (of 10 products) Result Pages: 1
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