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Mercury Wet Dry Vacuums

Maintain Your Home or Business with a Mercury Wet Dry Vacuum

Provide yourself with 50 years of experience when you choose a Mercury wet dry vac over the competitors.  Maintaining a constant eye on the always changing vacuum industry, this company is able to stay one step ahead of all other major brands.  With chrome plated attachments and chrome plated bodies, standard with some models, this style of Mercury vacuum is one of the most durable available today. The cloth filter that surrounds the motors of these machines adds to the endurance that Mercury stands for.  Maneuverability is another factor that makes these industrial wet dry vacuum cleaners vacuum so useful. 

The 20 gallon storage tank is mounted on a wheeled base allowing it to be easily moved around, making up for its weight.  For the purpose of taking care of both wet and dry debris, these machines come equipped with floor tools and squeegee tools for optimum cleaning no matter the task you put the Mercury vacuum to. Mercury wet dry vacuums are a welcomed addition to your arsenal of janitorial equipment. Seek additional information about Mercury wet dry vacuums by contacting the customer support team at eVacuumstore by calling 866-972-8227.
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Mercury Wet Dry Vacuums
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