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Central Vacuum Units by Square Feet

We'll Help You Find the Perfect Central Vacuum for Your Home!

Whether you live in a cozy single floor ranch or a grand manor, we'll help find a central vacuum unit that's perfect for you and your home, regardless of the size. Let’s start out with some basics; here’s some simple math: a vacuum's suction power and overall performance correlates with the square footage it's rated for. In general, you'll want to consider a central vacuum that's rated for houses up to double your house's square footage. The benefit of a more powerful unit will start to level off beyond doubling the square footage, so you don’t want to go overboard; you just want consistent, powerful suction, and installing a unit that rated for homes up to double your size will ensure great performance, and won't be overkill.

For more modest size homes, up to 3,000 square feet, we have great affordable units made by revered brands like Eureka and Honeywell. For homes up to 6,000 square feet, our top recommendation would probably the Electrolux PU3650, which combines excellent performance and excellent customer and warranty support from the manufacturer (which, of course, extends through us). The Honeywell and Galaxie companies also both make excellent vacuum units for this house-size range. For homes with even larger square footagein the 9,000 and 12,000 square foot rangeElectrolux, Galaxie and Honeywell central vacuums are the standout brands.

Of course, for each of the categories above we carry various units from multiple manufacturers. And if you have any questions, or would like further assistance or suggestions, please give us a call and talk to one of our central vacuum experts. Additionally, all of these units qualify for free shipping.
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