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Fuller Brush Stick Vacuums

You know that batteries have a life span and when that runs out, you need to hunt for replacements.  You know this process turns into a hassel.  Phone call after phone call.  Driving from store to store.  You know that the idea of a cordless vacuum cleaner sounds nice, but in the long run, you will step into problems you'd rather dodge altogether.  So you look for an affordable corded stick vacuum like the Fuller Brush Spiffy Maid and realize you won't need to search for batteries.  You can have a corded bagless vacuum cleaner for pickups in your home with attachments for detailing your car and not worry about what happens down the road.  For more information on the Fuller Brush stick vacuum, call (866)-972-8227 today toll free for live assistance.
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Cirrus VC25 Cordless Stick Vacuum |
A powerful cordless vacuum cleaner.
On Sale Now:$179.00
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