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Unlike other shampoo methods that are currently available, the SEBO Duo-P cleaning system will provide you with a hassle free, deep clean for the carpets, rugs and upholstery within your home.  This system is effective at stain and spot removal as well as general carpet maintenance thanks to the brilliant cleaning powder that is the primary source of this method's success.  The SEBO Duo-P cleaning powder is a combination of polyurethane granules and environmentally friendly cleaner, that when combined, create the ideal sponge-like carpet and upholstery cleaner.  The powder effortlessly absorbs the stain at the source, by lifting the mess from either your carpet or upholstery and preventing any long term damage.  

Now I know what you're thinking.  At this point there is a bunch of powder on the ground  on top of the stain in your carpet and it seems like you'll never have a clean home again.  Luckily, since this is a dry shampoo method, it only takes 30-60 minutes for the full effect to take place.  Once the cleaning powder has been placed over the area in question and brushed in with either the SEBO Duo Brush Machine, the SEBO Duo Daisy, or the Duo Hand Brush, simply wait the allotted time for the powder to dry and vacuum it up!  Use your SEBO vacuum cleaner to remove the powder from your carpet or upholstery and reveal a stain free environment.  Research has also shown that 7 out of 10 carpets that are treated with the SEBO Duo carpet cleaning system remain free of allergens for up to six months after being treated a single time.

Four Quick and Easy Steps

Step One
The SEBO Duo-P cleaning powder helps to lift stains from carpets and upholstery.
Apply the Duo-P Cleaning
powder where needed.
Step Two
Scrub the Duo-P cleaning powder into carpet fibers with the SEBO Duo-P hand brush
Use the Duo-P hand brush
or spot cleaning brush for
stubborn stains

 Step Three
The SEBO Duo Brush Machine and SEBO Duo Daisy help to agitate the cleaning powder into carpet fibers
Brush the Duo-P cleaning
powder into carpets and 
rugs with the Duo Brush
Machine or the Duo Daisy

Step Four
Use your SEBO vacuum cleaner to pick up the cleaning powder once it is dry after 30-60 minutes
Wait 30-60 minutes for the
Duo-P cleaning powder to
dry.  Once dry, use your
SEBO vacuum to reveal 
stain-free carpet and 
Following the four step method for cleaning your carpets and upholstery will help to aid in their longevity as well as keep the air quality of your home in peak condition.  Since the SEBO Duo-P cleaning system has been proven to eradicate and prevent the recurrence of allergens such as dust mites, you're sure to notice a reduction in allergy and asthma symptoms.  Although this dry shampoo cleaning method is primarily intended for the removal of stains and other eye sores in the fibers of your carpets, it can also be used for general house cleaning.  Especially when it comes time for spring cleaning, the SEBO Duo-P method is something effective to consider.  Every 1.1 pound package of the SEBO Duo-P cleaning powder is capable of cleaning up to 250 square feet of carpet, making it one of the most productive ways to approach carpet and upholstery cleaning within your home.   

The SEBO Duo-P cleaning system is sure to pay careful attention to every last carpet fiber, breathing a new life back into your once believed to be "beyond repair" carpet.  The cleaning powder is very simple to use, as it sprinkles from the package with ease, and is then easily stored.  Don't forget to seal up any partially used packages to maintain the moisture!  Although some stains can prove to be more stubborn than others, the large hand brush and the spot cleaning brush are up to the task.  With a little elbow grease, these hand brushes are sure to help you wipe those stains from your carpet, and existence.  For even deeper cleaning, the Duo Brush Machine and the Duo Daisy are the recommended go-to products.  They brush the powder into your carpet and spread it around easily thanks to their spinning bristles, which are similar to canister and upright vacuum brushrolls.  Not only is the SEBO Duo-P carpet and upholstery cleaning method a successful one, it is also simple and convenient which are always an added bonus.

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