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Atrix Vacuum Parts

Atrix Vacuum Parts and Accessories

We sell attachments, accessories and hoses for Atrix commercial vacuum cleaners and an assortment of residential machines. Atrix offers a wide-range of attachments for your vacuum, even some specialty attachments that for cleaning detailed services or appliances. Some of the most useful tools you can get for your vacuum cleaner, are the flexible tools. The "Atrix 24-inch Flexible Crevice Tool" and "Atrix 16-inch Rubber Flex Neck" are great for cleaning hard-to-reach spaces. For more information, or assistance placing an order, give us a call today to speak to a sales rep.
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Atrix 16-inch Rubber Flex Neck
On Sale For:$19.99
Atrix 2.5-inch Oval Micro Brush
On Sale For:$17.99
Atrix 20 inch Plastic Extension Wand
On Sale For:$14.19
Atrix 24-inch Flexible Crevice Tool
On Sale For:$24.99
Atrix 3-Inch Micro Tool
On Sale For:$14.99
Atrix Backpack Series Blower Nozzle Set
On Sale For:$10.99
Atrix Backpack Series Crevice Nozzle
On Sale For:$9.99
Atrix Backpack Series Floor Brush
On Sale For:$39.99
Atrix Backpack Series Furniture Nozzle
On Sale For:$15.99
Atrix Backpack Series Round Dust Brush
On Sale For:$24.99
Atrix Backpack Series Turbo Beater Bar Brush
On Sale For:$54.99
Atrix Crevice Brush
On Sale For:$8.99
Atrix Crevice Tool
On Sale For:$24.99
Atrix Floor Turbo Brush
On Sale For:$44.99
Atrix Hand Held Turbo Brush
On Sale For:$53.99
Atrix Round Dusting Brush
On Sale For:$17.99
Atrix Utility Brush
On Sale For:$10.19
Atrix Utility Nozzle
On Sale For:$9.99
Atrix 9-foot Clear Hose
On Sale For:$52.99
Atrix Backpack Series Replacement Hose
On Sale For:$39.99
Displaying 1 to 20 (of 35 products) Page:1 2  Next
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