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Cyber Monday Central Vacuum Sales

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November 27th will mark Cyber Monday 2017.  Cyber Monday, much like Black Friday, is a name associated with amazing deals in preparation for holiday shopping.  eVacuumStore will be offering a vast array of Cyber Monday deals including central vacuum systems from major brands like Electrolux, Eureka, Hayden, and more.  These particular discounts will range from central vacuum units to exclusive packages that also include a complete set of attachments for cleaning your home top to bottom.  

The Cyber Monday deals on central vacuum cleaners from eVacuumStore will help you to save.  Whether you're preparing to have a unit installed prior to the holidays or you're thinking long-term and are getting ready for the new year, the discounts and assistance that eVacuumStore has to offer is second to none.  If you have any questions on the central vacuum deals being offered during Cyber Monday 2017, please contact the customer service and sales representatives at eVacuumStore by calling 1-866-972-8227.
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Nutone PP5501 Central Vacuum Unit
On Sale Now:$355.99
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NuTone PP600 Central Vacuum Deluxe Package Direct Connect
SKU: NUT-PP600-CS600
On Sale For:$898.99
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NuTone PP650 Central Vacuum Pet Care Package
SKU: NUT-PP650-CS400
On Sale For:$829.99
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Nutone PP6501 Central Vacuum Unit
On Sale Now:$447.00
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Nutone PP7001 Central Vacuum Unit
On Sale Now:$548.00
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Electrolux PU3650 QuietClean Central Vacuum Unit
SKU: LUX-006211
On Sale For:$619.99
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Electrolux Quiet Clean Intelligent Power Unit PU3900C
SKU: LUX-006228
On Sale For:$731.00
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Electrolux PU3650 Central Vacuum & 30FT Standard Kit
SKU: LUX-006211-060063
On Sale For:$629.99
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Electrolux PU3650 Central Vacuum and 30FT Power Team Pig Tail Kit
SKU: LUX-006211-012110-PT
On Sale For:$999.99
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Electrolux Quiet Clean Intelligent Power Unit PU3900C
SKU: LUX-006228-012110-PT
On Sale For:$1,099.99
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Electrolux QuietClean Central Vacuum Unit and Direct Connect Accessory Kit
SKU: LUX-006211-012110
On Sale For:$999.99
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Electrolux Quiet Clean Intelligent Power Unit PU3900C
SKU: LUX-006228-012110-DC
On Sale For:$1,099.99
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Nutone PurePower PP600 Central Vacuum Unit
On Sale For:$459.00
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Nutone PurePower PP650 Central Vacuum Unit
On Sale For:$525.00
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Honeywell 4B-H703 Central Vacuum Unit
SKU: LUX-4B-H703
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Honeywell 4B-H902 and KCH13840 Select Electric Central Vacuum Package
SKU: LUX-4B-H902-KCH13840
On Sale For:$1,143.98
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Honeywell Central Vacuum Power Unit H703
SKU: LUX-4B-H403
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Honeywell 4B-H803 Central Vacuum Unit
SKU: LUX-4B-H803
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Honeywell 4B-H503 Central Vacuum Unit
SKU: LUX-4B-H503
On Sale For:$439.99
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Galaxie Vacuum
On Sale For:$699.00
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Galaxie GA-20 Central Vacuum Unit
On Sale For:$299.00
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Galaxie Vac
On Sale For:$969.00
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Galaxie GA-240 Central Vacuum
SKU: GAL-240
On Sale For:$1,149.00
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Galaxie GA-40 Central Vacuum Unit
On Sale For:$469.00
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Galaxy Central Vac
On Sale For:$599.00
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Displaying 1 to 25 (of 25 products) Result Pages: 1
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