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J.E. Adams Car Wash Vacuums

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J.E. Adams Commercial Car Wash Vacuums

The J.E. Adams company offers a wide variety of different commercial car wash vacuums and machines with other commercial applications such as spot removal, shampoo, fragrance and vacuums that can also be used as a blower. Aside from their various commercial applications, these J.E. Adams machines also accept different forms of payment, whether its coin or bill acceptance, or simply push button on/off.  This style of vacuum cleaner, specifically from the JE Adams brand, is renowned for their customization options.  Additional hoses, larger coin boxes, remote starters and more can all be added for convenience and practicality!  For more information, or for assistance ordering, please give us a call at 1-866-972-8227.
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J.E. Adams 8930 Touch of Class Oval Commercial Vacuum w/ 3 Motors
On Sale For:$2,919.99
J.E. Adams 8940 Touch of Class Oval Car Wash Vacuum
On Sale For:$2,754.99
J.E. Adams 9225 2-Motor Commercial Vacuum
On Sale For:$1,559.99
J.E. Adams 9230-3 Commercial Vacuum w/ 3 Motors and Medeco Locks
On Sale For:$1,899.99
J.E. Adams Car Wash Vacuum Model 9235 and 9235LD
Price: $1,399.99
J.E Adams 9235-3 Car Wash Vacuum with 3 Motors
On Sale For:$1,619.99
J.E. Adams 9225-2 2-Motor Wall Mounted Commercial Vacuum
On Sale For:$1,569.99
J.E. Adams 9200 Car Wash Vacuum with Coin Acceptor
On Sale For:$1,634.99
J.E. Adams 9210 2-Motor Commercial Super Vac with Coin Acceptor
On Sale For:$1,694.99
J.E Adams 3-Motor 9213 Car Wash Super Vacuum with Coin Acceptor
On Sale For:$1,874.99
J.E Adams 9240 and 9250 Commercial Super Vac w/ American 2000 Lock System
On Sale For:$1,889.99
J.E. Adams 9230 2-Motor Super Vac w/ Medeco Lock System
On Sale For:$1,864.99
J.E. Adams 9220 Super Vac w/ Medeco Cam and Threaded Locks
On Sale For:$1,834.99
J.E. Adams 9235-3DH 3 Motor Commercial Vacuum with Dual Hoses
On Sale For:$1,944.99
J.E. Adams 9209LD SuperVac Car Wash Vacuum
On Sale For:$2,504.99
J.E. Adams Super Vac 9209 Car Wash Vacuum W/ Bill Validator
On Sale For:$2,560.99
J.E. Adams 9200-4 2-Motor Car Wash Vacuum w/ Digital Display
On Sale For:$2,579.99
J.E. Adams 9209-6 3 Motor Commercial Vacuum W/ Coin and Bill Acceptor
On Sale For:$2,709.99
J.E. Adams Vacuum & Water Combination Unit
On Sale For:$2,690.00
J.E. Adams Car Wash Super Vac 9200-1 w/ Digital Display
On Sale For:$3,064.99
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