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Standard J.E. Adams Car Wash Vacuums

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J.E Adams 3-Motor 9213 Car Wash Super Vacuum with Coin Acceptor
SKU: JE-9213LD-VR-Blue
On Sale For:$1,874.99
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J.E Adams 9240 and 9250 Commercial Super Vac w/ American 2000 Lock System
SKU: JE-9250LD-Blue
On Sale For:$1,889.99
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J.E. Adams 8930 Touch of Class Oval Commercial Vacuum w/ 3 Motors
SKU: JE-8390-Blue
On Sale For:$2,919.99
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J.E. Adams 8940 Touch of Class Oval Car Wash Vacuum
SKU: JE-8940-Blue
On Sale For:$2,754.99
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J.E. Adams 9200 Car Wash Vacuum with Coin Acceptor
On Sale For:$1,634.99
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J.E. Adams 9200-4 2-Motor Car Wash Vacuum w/ Digital Display
SKU: JE-9200-4LD-Blue
On Sale For:$2,579.99
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J.E. Adans 9200-5 Car Wash Super Vac w/ 3 Motors and Digital Display
SKU: LD Blue
On Sale For:$2,684.99
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J.E. Adams 9209-6 3 Motor Commercial Vacuum W/ Coin and Bill Acceptor
SKU: JE-9209-6VRLD-Blue
On Sale For:$2,709.99
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J.E. Adams 9209LD SuperVac Car Wash Vacuum
SKU: JE-9209VRLD-Blue
On Sale For:$2,504.99
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J.E. Adams 9210 2-Motor Commercial Super Vac with Coin Acceptor
SKU: JE-9210LD-VR-Blue
On Sale For:$1,694.99
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J.E. Adams 9220 Super Vac w/ Medeco Cam and Threaded Locks
SKU: JE-9220
On Sale For:$1,834.99
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J.E. Adams 9225 2-Motor Commercial Vacuum
SKU: JE-9225
On Sale For:$1,559.99
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J.E. Adams 9225-2 2-Motor Wall Mounted Commercial Vacuum
SKU: JE-9225-2
On Sale For:$1,569.99
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J.E. Adams 9230 2-Motor Super Vac w/ Medeco Lock System
SKU: JE-9230LD-Blue
On Sale For:$1,864.99
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J.E. Adams 9230-3 Commercial Vacuum w/ 3 Motors and Medeco Locks
SKU: JE-9230LD-3-Blue
On Sale For:$1,899.99
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J.E. Adams Car Wash Vacuum Model 9235 and 9235LD
SKU: JE-9235LD-Blue
Price: $1,399.99
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J.E Adams 9235-3 Car Wash Vacuum with 3 Motors
SKU: JE-9235-3LD-Blue
On Sale For:$1,619.99
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J.E. Adams 9235-3DH 3 Motor Commercial Vacuum with Dual Hoses
SKU: JE-9235-3DH
On Sale For:$1,944.99
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J.E. Adams Car Wash Super Vac 9200-1  & Coin Collector
SKU: JE-9200-1+Coin
On Sale For:$3,114.99
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J.E. Adams Car Wash Super Vac 9200-1 w/ Digital Display
SKU: JE-9200-1
On Sale For:$3,064.99
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J.E. Adams Super Vac 9209 Car Wash Vacuum W/ Bill Validator
SKU: JE-9209
On Sale For:$2,560.99
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Displaying 1 to 21 (of 21 products) Result Pages: 1
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