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Dyson DC50 Wand and Hose Components

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With a flick of the wrist, the dirt goes away

Half of the convenience of a Dyson DC50 vacuum lies in the wand, hose, and handle. Sure, everyone knows the base of vacuums cleans up your floors, but the reach granted by the Dyson hose and wand to clean more than just your carpet or hardwood makes your home the envy of the neighborhood. Has your hose cracked? Has your wand stopped working? Do you need a new handle or handle cap for the wand? Contact the experts at to help find the right part for you at a price that won’t break the bank. If you have any questions on other Dyson upright vacuum models, feel free to ask a live representative today for assistance.
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Dyson DC50 Handle Cap
SKU: DYS-965096-01
On Sale For:$8.99
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Dyson DC50 Handle Cover
SKU: DYS-965097-01
On Sale For:$8.99
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Dyson DC50 Handle Assembly
SKU: DYS-965076-01
On Sale For:$24.19
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Dyson DC50 Wand Assembly
SKU: DYS-965083-01
On Sale For:$29.99
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Dyson DC50 Hose Assembly
SKU: DYS-965077-02
On Sale For:$38.49
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Dyson DC50 Combination Tool
SKU: DYS-965072-01
On Sale For:$16.99
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Dyson DC50 Stair Tool
SKU: DYS-965082-01
On Sale For:$19.99
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Displaying 1 to 7 (of 7 products) Result Pages: 1
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