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How to Clean Carpet Properly

The wide variety of carpets beckons the question, "how do I properly care for and maintain the rugs and carpeting throughout my home?"  There are countless methods to do so, with an even higher amount of ways to soil them unfortunately.  Of course, with visible debris and deep-seated dust mites, a vacuum cleaner is still the number one option when cleaning a carpet.  It's important to know that when vacuuming most carpets, a model with a powerhead is crucial.  A powerhead is the largest of all vacuum attachments, and contains a brushroll that spins to agitate carpet fibers, and loosen dirt more effectively.  Once loosened, dirt, dust and other irritating allergens pass through a HEPA filter and are stored securely in a vacuum bag.  These two facets alone are reassuring enough, especially for those that suffer from asthma and allergies.  Granted that the majority of carpets should be tackled with a power nozzle, this attachment is not an example of how to clean Berber carpet.


How to Clean Berber Carpet

  • Make sure to vacuum often.
  • Deactivate the brushroll of the vacuum prior to carpet cleaning, or use a floor tool without bristles. A rotating brush is not recommended.
  • Steam Clean Olefin Berber carpets when a deeper clean is required.
  • Seek dry-cleaning methods for Nylon Berber when deep-down cleaning is needed.
  • Contact a professional carpet cleaning service for assistance with finding a deep-cleaning method for a wool Berber carpet.
This particular style is woven in what can be described as "small loops," so a spinning brushroll has the potential to pull and damage the carpet.  As a result, a non-electric tool with no brush is the safest bet.  By maintaining a Berber carpet with regular vacuuming, it's possible to remove debris before it has the chance to get beyond reach, guaranteeing consistent integrity.

Some Berber carpets can be wool, yes.  However, not all are.  This raises the general question of how to clean wool carpet of another style, which yields one resounding answer; vacuum with a lightweight or air driven powerhead.  A light weight powerhead will agitate deep down and remove dirt and dust without removing the wool from the nap of the carpet.


How to Clean Carpet Stains Properly

Although canister and upright vacuum cleaners are effective when ridding rugs and carpets of solid debris, they aren't always able to handle all the jobs that life throws their way.  Learning how to clean carpet stains is a worthwhile amount of time to invest.  Whether you own pets, host guests, or are simply just living your day-to-day routine, accidents are bound to happen.

How to Clean Vomit from Carpet

  • Clean as much as you can with a dry towel or paper towels.
  • Blot the area with a wet towel or paper towels.
  • Apply Bissell Pet Power Shot Oxy stain remover and let it set.
  • Blot the area once more with a wet towel or paper towels
  • Apply baking soda to the area.
  • Allow the area to dry, then vacuum.

How to Remove Red Wine Stains from Carpet

  • Blot the stain continuously to remove as much red wine as possible.
  • Pour cold water directly onto the stain and continue blotting until no more of it comes out.
  • Apply Kirby Food Stain Remover to the affected area and allow it to set.
  • Once set, take a dry cloth and blot to remove what's left.  Repeat these last two steps as needed.
  • It's important to clean the stain when it happens.

How to Remove Coffee Stains from Carpet

  • Blot as much of the coffee out as possible with a dry cloth.
  • Continue by using a cold, wet cloth, and blotting frequently with a dry cloth.
  • Apply Kirby Food Stain Remover and allow it to set.
  • Once set, take a dry cloth and blot to remove what's left, repeating these last two steps as needed.

How to Remove Pet Urine From Carpet

  • Place a wet towel or paper towel over the stain and cover with a weight for pressure.
  • Remove the towel and weight, and add cold water from the outside of the stain inwards.
  • Allow the water to work through the stain for a minute or two.
  • Spray Kirby pet stain remover on the stain and allow it to set.
  • Place a new, dry towel over the stain with a weight on top for pressure.
  • Let sit overnight, and remove the towel the next day.
  • Repeat process as needed, or use a steam cleaner for spot cleaning carpet stains if they persist.

Cleaning Blood Stains from Carpet

  • Blot, don't scrub, the stain with a clean towel to remove as much of it as possible.
  • Spray cold water on the area and continue blotting. Remember, don't scrub. Scrubbing works the stain into the fibers.
  • Apply a cleaning solution and blot with a clean cloth. The Kirby Pet Stain remover works great on bloodstains.
  • Repeat the last step until the bloodstain is no longer noticeable.
  • Spray a rinsing solution of non-alkali dish detergent and cool water on to the area, and blot with a clean towel.
  • Spray cool water onto the area and blot until all rinsing solution is removed.
  • Cover stain with a towel or paper towels, and place a weight on top to apply pressure and help dry.
  • Once dry, vacuum the area to restore carpet texture. 
Cleaning carpet stains with vinegar, and cleaning carpet stains with baking soda are both viable, do-it-yourself options for some stains. In fact, these are two of the most common household ingredients. However, when cleaning coffee stains from carpet, or even wine for that matter, using an enzyme stain remover is much more effective.  The enzyme helps to break the stain down, which makes it much easier to lift out; this is something that baking soda and vinegar are unable to do as competently.
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