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ProTeam Vacuum Replacement Parts

ProTeam is perhaps best known for their backpack vacuum cleaners, but they also make excellent canister and upright models. All of their vacuums are sturdy, high-quality machines, but they are also quite complex and are assembled from many components and pieces. Needless to say, they are not indestructible and may require maintenance from time-to-time. If you need specific repair parts to fix your ProTeam vacuum, then take a look at the repair parts we offer, and order what you need to get your vacuum back up and running. Give us a call today if you need a part that is not shown here, and we will try to track it down for you.
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ProTeam 1500XP 50 Foot Power Cord
SKU: PRO-104284
On Sale For:$64.14
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ProTeam 15XP Bumper/Power Nozzle/Vinyl
SKU: PRO-104218
On Sale For:$11.87
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ProTeam 15Xp Motor Assembly 104957
SKU: PRO-104957
On Sale For:$131.86
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ProTeam 15XP Power Nozzle Cover
SKU: PRO-104789
On Sale For:$59.39
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ProTeam 2-Wire WW Non-Coil PN Cord 106301
SKU: PRO-106301
On Sale Now:$32.39
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Proteam BackPack Coach / Super Coach Switch
SKU: PRO-106066
On Sale For:$16.62
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Proteam BackPack Short Cord
SKU: PRO-100641
On Sale For:$26.99
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ProTeam Backpack Vacuum Cleaner Harness
SKU: PRO-103166
On Sale For:$100.97
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ProTeam Pivot Release Button
SKU: PRO-106939
On Sale For:$15.43
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ProTeam ProGuard 4 Curved Handle
SKU: PRO-107188
On Sale For:$39.19
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Proteam Proteam Back Pack vacuum switch with cord
SKU: PRO-101610
On Sale For:$64.14
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ProTeam ProVac Purple Tank Cap
SKU: PRO-100197
On Sale For:$65.33
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ProTeam Swivel Cuff Adaptor
SKU: PRO-102715
On Sale For:$23.75
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ProTeam Upright Vacuum Exhaust Filter Cover
SKU: PRO-104246
On Sale For:$5.93
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ProCare Commercial Upright Quick Release Hose Cuff
SKU: PRO-105573
On Sale For:$41.57
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ProTeam 15XP Handle/Bezel Assembly
SKU: PRO-106619
On Sale For:$41.57
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Pro-Team Slide On Brush for Upholstery tool
On Sale For:$10.79
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Displaying 1 to 17 (of 17 products) Result Pages: 1
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