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ProTeam Vacuum Replacement Parts

ProTeam is perhaps best known for their backpack vacuum cleaners, but they also make excellent canister and upright models. All of their vacuums are sturdy, high-quality machines, but they are also quite complex and are assembled from many components and pieces. Needless to say, they are not indestructible and may require maintenance from time-to-time. If you need specific repair parts to fix your ProTeam vacuum, then take a look at the repair parts we offer, and order what you need to get your vacuum back up and running. Give us a call today if you need a part that is not shown here, and we will try to track it down for you.
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ProTeam 100110 Dusting Brush
SKU: PRO-100110
On Sale Now:$11.99
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Proteam 100173 Carbon Brush Set |
SKU: PRO-100173
On Sale For:$151.99
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Proteam 100174 Motor Rectifier |
SKU: PRO-100174
On Sale For:$36.99
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ProTeam 100286 Top or Bottom Cap Latch |
SKU: PRO-100286
On Sale For:$51.99
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ProTeam 100320 Upper Twist Cap |
SKU: PRO-100320
On Sale For:$44.99
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ProTeam 100338 Lid Latch and Keeper Set |
SKU: PRO-100338
On Sale For:$50.99
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Proteam 100378 Compression Ring Screw (4) |
SKU: PRO-100378
On Sale For:$4.99
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Proteam 100379 Motor Ground Connection Set |
SKU: PRO-100379
On Sale For:$8.99
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ProTeam 100422 Motor with Fan and Crimps |
SKU: PRO-100422
On Sale For:$119.99
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Proteam 100565 Miro Cloth Filter 10Qt |
SKU: PRO-100565
On Sale For:$38.99
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ProTeam 100714 Horse Hair Floor Tool Insert |
SKU: PRO-100714
On Sale For:$30.99
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ProTeam 101189 TailVac Motor Assembly |
SKU: PRO-101189
On Sale For:$159.99
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ProTeam 101445 Retro Kit |
SKU: PRO-101445
On Sale For:$34.99
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Proteam 101715 Replacement Switch Cord |
SKU: PRO-101715
On Sale For:$24.99
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ProTeam 101716 26 Inch Switch and Cord |
SKU: PRO-101610
On Sale For:$52.99
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Proteam 101717 Switch Cord Assembly |
SKU: PRO-101717
On Sale For:$54.99
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ProTeam 101934 Twist Cap |
SKU: PRO-101934
On Sale For:$37.99
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ProTeam 102063 Cloth Filter Bag |
SKU: PRO-102063
On Sale For:$30.99
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Proteam 102878 Waist Belt with Velcro |
SKU: Pro-102878
On Sale For:$58.99
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Proteam 103279 Replacement Swivel Cuff 1.25in |
SKU: PRO-103279
On Sale For:$7.99
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ProTeam 103290 Lid Assembly |
SKU: PRO-103290
On Sale For:$67.99
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ProTeam 103360 Vented Exhaust Cover |
SKU: PRO-103360
On Sale For:$45.99
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ProTeam 103393 Backplate with Harness |
SKU: PRO-103393
On Sale For:$87.99
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ProTeam 103456 Electrified Hose |
SKU: PRO-103456
On Sale For:$171.99
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Proteam 103531 Rear Panel Foam Motor Housing |
SKU: PRO-103531
On Sale For:$11.99
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Proteam 103532 Front Panel Foam Motor Housing |
SKU: PRO-103532
On Sale For:$8.99
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Proteam 103533 Left Panel Foam Motor Housing |
SKU: PRO-103533
On Sale For:$4.99
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Proteam 104235 Trans Duct Bag Cover Upper Seal | eVacuumStore
SKU: PRO-104235
On Sale For:$6.99
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ProTeam 104276 Latch Cap with Cuff |
SKU: PRO-104276
On Sale For:$80.99
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Proteam 104279 Power Nozzle Lockout Safety Switch | eVacuumStore
SKU: PRO-104279
On Sale For:$18.99
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